Dishonored Likeness Sculpt:

Just wrapped up the personal project. Its Dishonored fan art, based off the super talented Concept artists work:Cedric Peyravernay (See his concept below).

I tried to keep my workflow as simple and as fast as possible with this one. Just zbrush, and keyshot, with a little photoshop compositing. No uv’s or texture maps, just polypaint and material editing in keyshot. Thanks for looking!









Nicely done.

Excellent work mate, love this :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

I concur with James - a wonderful piece :+1:
The tip I’m picking up is take a circle and make a superb sculpt from it :slight_smile:

dopepope: Thanks man, means a lot coming from you been a fan of your work for a long time.

James W Cain: Hey thanks a lot! Your work was the main inspiration for me tackling this project in the first place! Your dishonored sculpts are legendary.

boozy floozie: Ha Ha, thank you! If you want I can give you a little more insight to my process. Just let me know.

Brilliant work! Great transition from 2d–>3D!


So beautiful! This is really an exquisite piece. The skin surface is so cool <3

Great expression!

Really nice translation of all the shapes from Cedric’s concept Brad! Good stuff!


jderiggi, zayacoon, Shanaynay, winki, SolidSnakexxx: Really great to hear you guys like it. I’m really floored by all the positive feedback from all the super talented people on the Zbrush Central Forums!

Great work and great render!!