Dinosaur Test method

Hi. I am soon coming to the end of my first yearin University and one of the projects that I have at the moment is to illustrate some dinosaurs, so, i played around in Zbrush for the first time in a very long time and got used to the Zsphere, also played with some materials in order to find a method to use to produce my project and well I have decided now that this is the way I shall go. The actual dinosaurs will have to be as correct as possible, in contrast to this ratasoraus. :slight_smile:


excelent work :+1:

Well if your experiment is the worst you can do then I cannot wait to see what your project for school looks like!!

That turned out pretty cool and am sure you learned a ton of stuff doing it…good luck to you on your project!

Hey Arran, that’s a very cool one;)

Very nice texture:+1:

Dizzy Boy

Nicely done Arran.

Can I ask how you did the skin texture?

love the skin !!

great work :sunglasses: :+1:

I likes it. :+1:

Thanks for your comments. The above was done mostly in Zbrush and then the scales were done in Photoshop, with the idea of trying to find a quick way of working and getting the look that I want. I decided to go back to Zbrush and work on a method which would not require spending so much time in Photoshop, and so I am working on a material that will do most of the work for me. Thanks to the tutorials done by Glen Southern (quicktime files) I realise the potential of use of inflate to effect how I sculpt on the mesh, and also lowering the focal shift.
Below is the latest test with my chosen lighting and material. Feedback is welcome, especially if you have any ideas on how to get great scales. I will try creating an alpha set of scales, sizes and types and then use projection master to place them and hopefully along with this material they will work out good.


excellent dino and nice detailing work

the second pic is somewhat nice actually !
die fUker

Okay, I have been playing still as there is so much to learn and well the amount of different kinds of materials that can be produced is out of this world. Well after many, many hours of playing I actually used a material that i made at the begining and well after that I just got hooked on the possibilities. This head was created using Zsphere, then sculpted a little at each stage of increasing the mesh rez, and then finally using projection master to put in some scales, wrinkles etc. I finished it with some Photoshop work. I have 3 dinosaurs to make by, well this weekend,…gulp… well at least I have Zbrush on my side.


hi Arran, It’s getting even better :+1:

Dizzy Boy

Looks great, love the style. Good Luck with the Dinos,
and enjoy the work!

I like it. The material on the horns is extra nice. :+1:

Funny dinosaur and impressive skin texture

Getting better and better, cant wait to see this finished.

Very nice texture. Good Work :slight_smile:

Even more than the settings of the dino skin, I’m interested in how you did the material for the horns… looks great!

Any tips and tricks to share?

  • Brango

very fine sculpting job, AJL, I like it :+1: :+1:

Very nice work keep it up…:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: