Dinosaur Skin Texturing ZScript

Beginner/Intermediate tutorial demonstrating the method of skin detailing and texture painting that I used for my velociraptor model.


The main areas covered by the zscript are:

  • Form sculpting starting from zspheres
  • Custom alpha creation to quickly detail the model with wrinkles as an alternative to the deco brush
  • Texture and bump painting with projection master
  • Layering colours to create a realistic skin tone
There are some areas where I would have spent a bit longer on or would have erased and redone when I was making the original model. However I was trying to keep it as short as possible and was aware that I couldn’t revert to save if things went silly. You will notice that projection master decides to add one of it’s ‘special effects’ right when I have nearly finished!!! In the script i stare at it for a while…supply the swear words yourself to complete the effect ;). Also, when I replayed the zscript I noticed that zbrush had other ideas about how I should set the lights up at the end. So ignore that bit!

I hope this zscript helps people out, particularly those new to ZB. If anybody has any questions I will be happy to answer them.


very nice result. Thanks for the tut.:smiley:

Very kind :slight_smile:
Thanks for the input, 3DP


Great Tutorial :slight_smile: Keep up the good work.


Vlad74, Atwooki & Solidsnakexxx

Glad it was of interest!


I love this forum i have become one of those guys that dreamed of doing this stuff to one that i actually learning it thanks to people like you with your wonderfull examples and such a versitle flexible program like zbrush it actually gives me the chance to do this stuff without an army of people making diffrent parts its just me my imagination and people like you that help me do this well i for one am just a newb but please check out my turtle model and see where i need help i know i dont know because if i did know i wouldent need to ask you just congradulate you on your good work…

my turtle http://www.zbrushcentral.com/zbc/showthread.php?t=21952&highlight=turtle

that’s a very long zscript to watch, but nevertheless very interesting 3DP - keep it up! :slight_smile:

Bustedshell: Its great that it has helped you. Thank-you for your kind words.

Lunchbox: Yes it is a bit of a sit with a cup of tea job i’m afraid. If I’d known beforehand you could split the script up into parts I would have done! It is pretty long as I also tried to repeat the steps a few times, as it doesn’t always click the first time you see something when you are a beginner. The first attempt at recording the script I also fully modeled the arms then decided that would be waaaay to long by the time it was finished!

Wooooo Hooooooo!

Just exactly what I needed at exactly the right time!
New to ZB and having a tussel with skin textures but your script has everything I need.

3DP Thankyou so very much for the tute.
Now how do you rewind that sucker! :slight_smile:
Just kidding.:+1:

Glad it has helped you kanga!

I’m looking at your tutorial and is very interesting, the thing that I don’t understand is what you do to go back to the dino-object once you finished “snapshotting” the alpha skin details with the single layer brush that it creates the polymesh so the dino is back into edit mode… hope that’s clear… I’m only 10 hours into zbrush2 so this confuses me a bit… thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

All the editing with the snapshot tool is done in projection master. Use the button on the interface or press the shortcut ‘g’ to move in and out of the mode. For some reason the zscripts wont show the projection master tool being started and stopped…leaving people confused as to what is going on.

For the creases, set the deformation normal and fade options ‘on’ in the projection master window. When doing the skin painting also set these options on as well as the colour. This lets you use a low z value to add subtle surface bumps at the same time as you paint the colours.

At some stages I also checked the double sided option in projection master. This lets you detail both sides at the same time. Be careful when using this though that you remember to uncheck it when you don’t want it. It’s a pain in the arse to have spent ages detailing the back of a model and turn it round to find you have also mangled all the precious work you previously did on the front!

Also, if you are new to zbrush you might be a bit baffled by the standard interface.

Here is my UI…I find it a lot easier to use for this kind of stuff. Brushes at the bottom…All the modelling things you usually need are in the tools palette in the left tray(subdiv levels,masks etc)…open up the right hand tray when you get to painting the model. It’s virtually the same as the one pixolator uses in the anglerfish video. I also like the two brush increase/decrease buttons that were hidden away in the plugins menu!

thanks a lot, I thought it was projection master… but was unsure about it :stuck_out_tongue: … and thanks for the nice UI setup :smiley:

3DP it´s very nice, I´m start to use ZB and this tut. for me is great:+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks for the script 3DP. Looking forward to your brach when it’s completely done :+1:

I can’t watch the tut :frowning:
i’m usin zbrush 1.55b

hello, im new to zbrush and had a question regarding your script. when im making the “wrinkle” alpha, i get a box around its edges. as far as i can tell i did the same thing you have, but everytime, i get a square edge around the wrinkles im putting on my model. do you know what i may have done wrong?

i think it may have something to do with a layer when drawing the wrinkles out…but im not sure.


Jabberwookie, I’m afraid I’m not sure what would be causing that.

Make sure you are drawing on a pure black background…that is the only thing I can think of.

What a helpful script thank you very much:D It’ll come in really handy for this Predator head im working on the only problem i had was that for some reason, I was able to move and scale the new custom alpha but i couldnt rotate it:confused: sorry, im a newb