"Dimension W" Fan Art

Hello everyone.

This is a character Nove of the Japanese comics “Dimension W”.
I thought about the details of the design and made it look a little better when I made it as a 3D model.
Also, I made my pose conscious and dynamic.
I hope you like it.

I also posted a part of the creation procedure.
If there is a better way, please advise.
Thank you.



NormalPose_Cape Ver.

upper body

Body creation workflow

Cape creation workflow



Peralta style Noooiiice!

Lovely work Kou Dama

…well that is different. thanks for the mini procedure.

Artificial - Thank you!! I’m glad. :smiley:
Bodybag - Thanks. I am encouraged. I will do my best again. :smiley:
sadicus - Thanks. I think this is something everyone knows but I will be glad if you say so. :smiley:

I am not good at English, so I may be saying strange comments, thank you anyway. :D:D

Nice work! :sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:+1:

this is sweet man,congrats for the toprow.

MadHaddock - Thank you!! I am very happy!:smiley:
I am still inadequate in training so I will have you refer to your work!

Gurjeet Singh - Thank you! !:smiley:
I am excited because it is my first time.
I am glad to have you commented because I am referring to your work very much.
I will continue to do my best!

Amazing work!

Thank you!:smiley: