DIMD Sighting

I know I’m too late to enter the Halloween 2008 contest, but here’s my Halloween inspired work anyway -

The figure is one I've been sculpting for a while. I modeled the mask after the 2D artwork Steven R. Gilmore created for the band ohGr's latest release. ohGr's latest release is entitled DIMD - Devil's In My Details. I'm using Konecny's Alien materials in the ZBrush renders above. More renders of the mask - [http://www.ericartman.com/visual_effects/dimd.html](http://www.ericartman.com/visual_effects/dimd.html) More renders of the figure (WIP) - [http://www.ericartman.com/visual_effects/petrol_shaman.html](http://www.ericartman.com/visual_effects/petrol_shaman.html)

That is a really great pic. Cool idea, love that mask, what did you use to create it? Keep up the sculpting and happy halloween.:smiley:

Hey Eric,

Its looks really cool!
And am totaly happy you used one of my materials :slight_smile: cool

see ya

Looks cool.

and yeah, what did you use to make the mask? Long squiggly things are definitely not ZBrush’s forte. I’m guessing maybe 3DCoat? :slight_smile:

Your materials are amazing m-in. Thanks for making them available. I have seen very few materials that have the complexity of yours.

Thanks Seavannah and splodge. Yes, the mask wasn’t created in ZBrush. I created it in Maya by extruding a circle along curves that I’d traced over Steven R. Gilmore’s 2D artwork below. Of course, there was a lot more to it than that :).

The figure was sculpted 100% in ZBrush though.

Thanks Again :slight_smile:

Absolutely beautiful work…

Holy crap man!
That is one helluva figure!

Cheerio Chris