Digital's Sketchbook

Hi guys,
Got new Wacom at home… So now time to post something.

Today I just started the first thing. Human male anatomy. Here is the first shots. Welcome for C&C... [![front.jpg|1200x1200](upload://f5AORxGopRJHLFuLswHV34jtmu9.jpeg)]![Back.jpg|1200x1200](upload://nT0mLdLheo3r4GUjKZEjaSrIP4a.jpeg)



Good start, keep going:)

Thanks Framedworld,

Here are some more shots of WIP.

C&C Most Welcomes.





Hand 2.jpg

Hi digital_3d
very good work so far, keep it up :smiley:

Thanks Art15 I will update the thread soon.

Hi Guys,
Here is the second stage of my workflow pipeline.
Just fill the gaps and make rough shapes. Hope the proportions are right.
C&C are most welcome.






going good. keep it up.

its looking good but that head is enormous…shrink it down a bit…

Ya right.
I realized this after posting.(while seeing any replies on it :wink: Even I also want to do a comment on my update …but I thought I will post the retopo first.
but now I changed that and doing retopo.
As I will finish I will post them too.

nice way…keep it up bro.

Hey, couple of things I would think about tweaking. I think the head is about 20% too big. His proportions almost read as being child-like, but he has tons of muscles. Check this out for what I mean. Also, you are going to have trouble sculpting and retopologizing the insides of the legs with them being as close as the are. I would spread them out a bit. I would also look at the knee/calf/ankle anatomy. You got some rockin’ cankles there.

Keep it up!

Thanks for critics.
@ Ioster: I adjust the head according to proportion of rest of the body.
And now the topology is almost completed (just hands remains).

I didn’t get proper time for work at home so very slow updates on thread.
Here is one recent image.
After full topology I will work on sculpting again. and make some extra mesh according to my character.
It’s gonna be a Indian Comic Character (because I didn’t see any Indian Comic Character on Zbrush Central).

I tried sculptris It’s really nice Zbrush shuld implement there realtime subdivision theory in there next (after zbrush 4) version.

Here is the image


That Zsphere sketch is pretty awesome. I like it. Keep on goin!

Thanks Mandance…
Here is one of my old Sculpt.
Basemesh is done in maya after that everything is done in Zbrush.
I didn’t shared it on Zbrush central yet.


dude keep working that ecorche. it is turning out well, try some poses as well, it a great exercise

Something like this?



[f.jpg[/ATT]%3Cbr%20/%3E%0A%3Cbr%20/%3E%0A%3C/font%3E"]f.jpg](http://%3Cfont%20color=%22#9A9A9A%22%3E[ATT=224897)Something like this?



Did some headbust in free time. Head bust.jpg



I am working on a female concept. Here is the first look in zbrush.
WIP images are here. z1.jpg




coming out nice bro !! proportions are really neat and face has come out beautiful. . . keep up the good work bro !!