Digital Tutors

Digital tutors released a couple of Z3 tutorials today. Fabulous, as always.


I mentioned this in my previous post, and this is just to forewarn others. The Digital Tutors Intro to ZB3 is not worth the money in my opinion, and is just an all round terrible tutorial, plus there is only a very scant amount of ZB3 only features mentioned. You’d be better off grabbing the older and much better Digital Tutors ZB2 intro tutorial. The Digital Tutors ZB3 Sculpting Techniques is excellent though, and the bloke doing the tutorial has a much more relaxed and competent workflow :wink:

I was really dissapointed with DT’s introduction dvd, I even said I prefer Jason’s tutorial over them :slight_smile:

But Meats Meier did a great job, awesome dvd! :cool:


Hmm… I couldn’t disagree more. I found the Intro DVD to be quite good, though not really introducing anything that hasn’t been covered in previous tutorials around the web. The Sculpting Techniques was quite frankly weak at best. The final model was… emm… well there is no polite way to criticise it, so I won’t say anything. It was on 2 discs, but god knows why, it just seemed like 2 discs of the same content. Pretty useless really.

hmm. I just finished their sculpting techniques videos and found it pretty useful. I’m looking at getting their texturing one too here soon.

Guess we all have different taste.

I liked Gnomon’s Z2 better than Kurv’s Z2.

x-TrEmE, I like Jason’s Z3 tutorials better than Meats Z3 tutorials.

I’ve never tried DT’s.

Makes it hard to know which ones to go for.