Digital Sketchbook: It's All About Love for Flesh and Bones

Hi everyone, posting this sketch after long time. did this character for my personal portfolio inspired from Baium from Onimusha Game. just working on the proportions and forms right now. still in progress. posting some hi res screengrabs and low res as well. armour, clothing and other details yet to be added. Hope u ppl like it.
C&C welcome.






Nice start sanket,i especially like the face,but as you already mentioned that this is a wip.so i would love to see the progress…looking forward for the updates.

i’m interested to know more of the direction you are thinking behind this piece. right now some of the anatomy and proportions and anatomy seem weird, but i’m not sure if this is one purpose? if not, the pecs need to insert in between the bicep and deltoid, and it seems like with the legs muscles being so defined we should be able to see some indications of the sartorius muscle. keep at it, i’ve always been a fan of the Onimusha games.

Hi all… here is a little update on the Baium…
refined many areas on the body… detailed feet n hands… added pants…
hope u ppl give some valuable feedback on this…








His arms are huge, now if he’s gonna walk like a monkey it’s ok, but he couldn’t maintain erected with those no way :wink:

cherub_rock : the length of arms is intentional. plus the guy will walk normally only… the posture of overall model is kept as balanced as possible. but i’ll make some changes by time for sure. but right now i think m gonna keep the arms like that only. anyways … thanks for writing… :slight_smile:

Hi folks,
i didnt get much time to put up the images frequently. but anyways, here is an update of the baium project. i’ve added some basic armour and tweaked the whole body in many areas.
i hope u ppl like it. C&C are welcome.





coming up really nice,can you share the concept which you are following for this project? i think gravity should affect the fingers also,looking forward to this.

muscle blending need some work,forearm should maintain the shape.i must be having an eye on this one.:wink:

romilkchoprazb : thanks man. i’ll share the concept in my next post. but m not using the concept exactly… i’ve changed many parts of it. and about the fingers, i need to give him pose later on, so right now the fingers are hanging, but still i’ll work on them. thanks :+1:

rom.ash : thanks man !!

Hi folks!!:slight_smile:
been little long since i’ve posted any update for baium as i was pretty packed up with work. anyways … heres little update. i’ve tweaked some parts on the body itself. plus tried a new idea for the torso. plus added some details on the armour. still a lot to do…rich feedback wud be of gud help. C&C welcome. :+1:





m still not able to decide any design for the waist armour … :cry:

like ur project, pal )

try to use unusual technique :wink:
luck )

looks cool so far… don’t know if you are familiar with the psp game “monster hunter” but there are a ton of armor-designs that you could use for inspiration… google is your friend =)


keep it up!

His proportions are very strange.

TeckZ : Thanks man … m glad u liked it …i’ve tried sketching some ideas for the armour, will be trying them out soon…

Ouroboros : thanks for appreciating man… n thanks for the link… i’ll surely check more stuff like that …

dustinbrown : true buddy !! proportions are strange , but as i said earlier … they are intentional as this guy is inhuman … n i think these proportions are helping in showing much strength … but that just wat i thought … more ideas from u ppl will surely help… Thanks :smiley:

Like the progress so far.looking forward to the complete sculpt.keep on going man.:+1:

sanketpro3d - Your scuplting is great but I agree with dustinbrown. If the shape looks to weird you don’t sell your piece to the viewer. The legs just look wrong. Everything else looks really nice.

Just trying to help :cool:

love the boots

romilkchoprazb : thanks man …

scottleroc : thanks a lot for crit man… the leg part is under my knowledge, its just that they are already covered by the pants so didnt spend much time on them earlier… but i’ll surely tweak them n make them correct, specially the knee part… anyways m glad u liked rest of the model… your work too is really appreciable… gud inspiration… :+1:

loki_22 : m glad u liked it man,… thanks a bunch!!