Digital sculpts for Las Fallas festival 2020

Hi. I’m sharing with you some of the 3D sculpts that I did for Las Fallas festival this year. Sadly, the festival was postponed due to the ongoing health crisis situation. Hopefully, next year we’ll see their actual monuments on street.

This first falla monument is a falla monument in Valencia, within the special section, which means the group of monuments with the higher budgets. It’s name, Falla “Exposición-Micer Mascó”, by David Sánchez Llongo and designed by José Santaeulalia:

Digital Sculpt, Falla "Exposición - Micer Mascó" 2020 from Moisés Ojeda on Vimeo.


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Another falla monument in Valencia. Falla “Rivera-Convento Santa Clara” by Carlos Carsí and designed by Ramón Pla:


A falla monument for children in Alcira (Valencia). Falla “Plaça Major” by Raúl Tazo and Carmen Camacho, designed by Isa Falcó:

Digital sculpt, fallero monument for children "Plaça Major" in Alcira, 2020 from Moisés Ojeda on Vimeo.


Another falla monument in Alcira (Valencia). Falla “Camí Nou” by Toni Pérez and designed by Diego Iglesias:

Digital sculpt, falla "Camí Nou" in Alcira, 2020 from Moisés Ojeda on Vimeo.



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Oustanding :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Really awesome :blush:

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Que pena que no se pudo haber hecho las fallas este ano :pensive: porque el trabajo de escultura digital es brutal!!! y la pintura es increible, cada personajes son de…PM! @Moises_Ojeda.
Too bad the Fallas did not happen this year, the sculpting and painting are absolutely incredible, every character and scene are amazing!!! Thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:


Thanks Jaime. Yeah, it’s been a shame. But the good news is that all these pieces are kept safe, and sooner or later they’ll be displayed on street again. So, hopefully that will happen next year. I’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:

Hopefully, they will be displayed! Can you share who does the original 2D drawings and where is the inspiration coming from? Like who decides the direction?

Sure, I just edited the text that introduces each falla monument to make clearer who the 2D artists are.
Although the idea and inspiration come either from the Falla assotiation, that is in the end the client that comissions the monument, and the fallero artist, whose role is kind of an artistic and technical director. So the theme of the monument has to do with what the comission feels like talking about, usually in a satirical way, and tackling current affairs. Then the fallero artist is the person that takes decisions and guides the whole team at the workshop, either 2d artists, modellers, painters, and carpenters that do the wood eskeleton… of course, each of them can contribute with ideas along the process.

Thanks Moises. The 2D drawings are amazing as so the 3D sculpts, the volumes, the proportions, the poses and the expressions, just gorgeously executed, then come the cnc work and amazing paint job faithfully applied. WOW!


I’m glad you like it, Jaime :slight_smile:

Amazing works as always! Love seeing these =) Thanks for sharing!



Thanks, I’m glad you like them :slight_smile:

Thanks for your words

Thanks Prabhat!

Thanks Abby!

such a cool sculpt. Thank you for sharing.


OMG!! This is amazing!! great work

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Always a treat to see your posts Moisés and bravo for such fine realisations. :rocket: :+1:
May I ask - how much time to you have to set aside to create such an involved commission?

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Thanks Joseph!

Thanks Pixopaul! You’re welcome