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The ever growing first thread of DID YOU KNOW THAT has really been a great inspiration for me to keep creating the tutorials. It is so great to see people learning something from the videos.

With the newest version of ZBRUSH 4 I felt it would be great to create a thread of DID YOU KNOW THAT all wrapped around ZBRUSH 4.

ZBrush has always allowed me as an artist to experiment freely. I often discover new tricks or approaches that improve my workflow and help me achieve my goal of creating better artwork. All while having fun.

This thread will consist of simple tips and tricks that I’d like to share and hopefully give you new ideas to create a workflow within ZBrush 4.

I encourage any member to ask the question, “I want to do this, how can I?”

Please keep this thread as a place artists can come to get workflow ideas for their WIPs. Thank you.

Enjoy ZBrushing


Hello Community

In this video I will walk through a new feature found in ZBrush 4. The new Visibility capability to grow and shrink your selection inside ZBrush will most definitely speed your workflow up . The new sub-palette is found in the Tool Palette at Tool>Visibility.

With this new feature it is extremely easy to split up a tool into multiple subtools. In the video I will demo how to take a mesh that has several mesh shells with one polygroup and convert that mesh into multiple subtools by converting the multiple shells into multiple polygroups so that I may GroupSplit them into Subtools.

In the video you will also see how easy it is to select parts of a mesh now with a few keys strokes.

This is the YouTube Video:


Here is the Veoh video:


This will most definitely help your workflow. Now that this feature is inside ZBrush I find myself working faster then ever before.


Hello Community

The rigging tools with in ZBrush are an extremely useful tool that will not only allow you to pose a character but you can also use the rig to make large changes to any mesh.

This video is Part 1 of a multiple part video section on Rigging in ZBrush. This video will walk you through how to create a rig in ZBrush quickly, efficiently, and as easy as it can get. Part 1 will start with rigging a single Subtool with other videos to follow on rigging with multiple Subtools, using layers and using the Timeline feature.

This video also demonstrates how you can capture the highest level of detail from the sculpt onto the rigged version of the sculpt.

These will be an exciting serious of videos that I know will open up your imagination on how to rig with ZBrush.

YouTube Video


Veoh Video


Download a high res version of this video HERE

Thank you for visiting DID YOU KNOW THAT


Hello Community

This video is Part 2/4 for ZSphere Rigging with ZBrush. In this video I continue on the journey of ZBrush rigging for the purpose of posing a character. In Part 1 I discussed how to pose with a single Subtool, now learn to rig with multiple subtools.

In this video I will walk you through using Transpose Master’s newest feature to Rig a multiple Subtool Character with a ZSphere.

After watching Part 1 and Part 2 you will be able to rig any character that has a single Subool or multiple Subtools. I encourage you to play around with Rigging as much as possible. It is one POWERFUL tool!!!

Make sure to download the newest Transpose Master here:


To install Transpose Master

  • Download the Windows or MAC version to your computer
  • Unzip the File
  • You will find a folder named TransposeMaster.
  • With in this folder you will find another folder named TPoseMasterData4 and a script file called TransposeMaster_4_06.zsc.
Install this folder and script file into the following directory:


Then restart ZBrush. Plug-ins will only work at launch so if you have ZBrush open already you will need to shut it down for the plug-in Transpose Master to be installed.

You will find Transpose Master in the ZPlugs Palette at the top of ZBrush’s interface once installed.

Many thanks for taking a look at the video.





To Download the video click: HERE

Happy ZBrush Posing


Hello Community

Here is a video I did in ZBrush 3.1 with Transpose Master but it is still very relative to ZBrush 4. When you topological mask in Transpose Master all subtools that will be automatically masked except for the Subtool you are masking.

This video will show you a trick using TRANSPOSE MASTER to move masked off subtools so that you can strike a pose.

The Veoh Video


The YouTube Video


You will also need the plug-in TRANSPOSE MASTER for this video. HERE is the link to download.

Please keep in mind that this video was shot in ZBrush 3.1 so Transpose Master will look a little bit different now in ZBrush 4.

Thank you for visiting.


Hello Community

This was originally shot in ZBrush 3.1 so there will be some interface differences but the video is still very relevant.

This is a feature in ZBrush that I think many people do not know about or how it works but it could save some headaches for some of you. When you are using the pinch brush have you ever wanted to add more detail but you couldn't because all of your polys have been pinched together? Well duh thats what the brush is suppose to do. However, this video will show you how to reconstruct your polys quickly so you can add more detail around the pinch. The tool is found in the Tool Palette under Geometry and is called <b>Reproject Higher Subdiv</b> The Veoh Video [veoh]v15797072dBmcMTsN[/veoh] The YouTube Link


Here is the link to download the high res version <span class="font4">[HIGH RES VIDEO](http://www.pixologic01.com/zbc/didYouKnowThat/reproject.mov.zip)</span> Thank you everyone for taking a look at the thread. Paul

Hello Community

This was originally shot in ZBrush 3.1 so there will be some interface differences but the video is still very relevant.

This video will show you quick ways to edit any topology. Example, if you just want to add more edge loops or add more topology on a certain part of your tool without having to redo all of the topology. This may solve some issues for people when they just want to add polys on one part of their tool. This video is two parts. This first part is another approach to the top video but is a much faster way. The second half of the video shows how you can use the topology tools to combine multiple tools The Veoh Video [veoh]v15840158wF2w6tnq[/veoh] The YouTube Video:


Here is the link to download the HighRes Video [HIGH RES VIDEO](http://www.pixologic01.com/zbc/didYouKnowThat/highRES_combine.mov.zip) Thank you to everyone that keeps an eye on this thread. Paul

This is another video that was shot in ZBrush 3.1 but I think the information is relative for ZBrush 4. This is a neat trick that could save you at some point.

Many things have changed for menus in this video. When I am speaking about UVs the buttons are now located in the UV Map and Texture Map sub-palette in the Tool Palette. (UV Check is now in the Texture Map Sub-Palette).

This video will show you know to add polys to sections of a tool when you need to get more detail without subdividing the whole tool. Masking is used to select the region you want divided. Project all and ZProject Brush is also used to fix UV issue. This trick may help you when you need just a few more polys in one spot to get some detail.

Keep in mind this will add some triangles to your mesh.

The Veoh Video:

[veoh]v15913107XjxZ79PB[/veoh] The YouTube Video:


Here is the HighRes download [HIGH RES VIDEO](http://www.pixologic01.com/zbc/didYouKnowThat/adding_detail.mov.zip)

Thank you everyone for the involvement on this thread.


Hello Community

This video was shot in ZBrush 3.1 as well but it is still great to see how the 3D Primitives in ZBrush can create some great custom shapes. This video will demonstrate using the primitive 3D Circle to make a complex clamp for a Roman Empire's cape. I also hope this video will encourage you to take a look at the primitives in an initial state. Think about how a cube or sphere can possibly give you a really quick base mesh. Enjoy :D The Veoh Video: [veoh]v16246533NR2HrHNn[/veoh] The YouTube Video had to be in two parts: PART 1




To download this video copy and paste the following link into your browser:


Hope you all enjoy and think outside the box Paul

Hello ZBrush Community

This is another video that was shot in ZBrush 3.1. Please remember that some of the menus could of changed but for the most part this is still all the same. <b>NOTE: </b>When I speak of moving around your interface buttons by holding CTRL when in Customize UI mode, this has changed to CTRL+ALT for ZBRUSH 4. Here is a video on creating your own custom menu in ZBrush. This is a great asset for you to create a really quick workflow for yourself. This video will also show you how this menu can be used as your own right click menu. Enjoy. :) <b>Custom Menu </b> The Veoh Video: [veoh]v183632393pYF56sw[/veoh] <span class="grey">[color=Orange]The YouTube Video: </span></span><span class="grey">


<span class="grey"> This is where you can download a HighRes of the video. </span>[<span class="grey">[color=Orange]HIGH RES VIDEO</span></span>](http://www.mediafire.com/file/i13myzv1ww2/Custom_Menu_HighRes.mov) Enjoy and as always feel free to ask any questions. Paul

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