This reconstruction modelled by Marc Boulay was to illustrate a text of
J.Sébastien Steyer (Ph.D in Paleontology and Researcher at the CNRS/MNHN-Paris) for a science popularizing journal.

His story deals with the expedition of a scientific travelling deep in the past,
and whose aim is to bring back the more information he can provide about the end of the Permian era… We are 250 millions years ago, just before one of the biggest crisis in Earth history.

Whereas he discovers the Permian jungle, a Dicynodon just appears !

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The two of you continue to do really amazing work.
I will keep my eyes open for all future posts.

Again, great stuff!:+1: :+1:


that’s awesome man - love the lighting and textures

Another toprow material for the great duo :slight_smile: Love the texture very much.

…overuse of the “Foogy key” on the left of the background? :wink:
Or it’s a parable for show this new old animal? :smiley:

do you prefer this version?

In fact, the atmosphere during this period was really different: the air was loud, sulfurous, with yellow volutes as Jean-Sébastien Steyer described in his text (… thank you Seb for your help!)

Thanks a lot for your posts & messages!
Soon, I’ll post WIPS


For this reconstruction, modeling began with real fossils and precise informations with scientifics.
When basis are OK, Marc takes a cofee and hop! … let’s go!
When he doubts, a mail or a phone call to the scientific and… let’s go again! They discuss about anatomy and myology (science of muscles)…

Here are 2 WIPS: the first one is before corrections, the second one after corrections by Bernard Battail, specialist of mamallian reptiles (Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle Paris)




I suppose that you know Edgar P. Jacobs? :rolleyes:

Now I know why the “sphere” is blake and not mortimer :smiley:

Sulfurous atmosphere indeed :lol:

Ps In fact “Le Piège diabolique” was made in a big part by the “couple” Liliane et Fred Funcken :wink:
Don’t forget Zb fr if 5 minutes free :wink:


But you’re true!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
… One more time! I like it!:wink:
Very pertinent!
I 'll put more red on my “palette”! Hi! Thanks!

Here are the first illustrations for the manuscrit: Cosinus

Once again! Very good work!!! :+1: :+1:


thanks a lot for your kind messages! I’ve seen your work , it is really good! My favorite: “Bad Mamma Jamma”!Waoww! :eek:

I wanted now to show the beginning of the beginning: this is a skull of mammalian reptile found a few years ago by paleontologists of the MNHN of Paris in an expedition to Laos. this skull is now in Savannaket’s Museum in Laos.

I took those photos there, wheras we were invited by Jean-Sébastien Steyer to participate to a new paleontologic mission in 2005. (This last mission was succesfull: many new fossils vere found…) More on www.hox.fr >>> Photos d’Hox >>> mission Laos

In fact, this skull was the basis for Marc’s work: thanks to this fossil, his passion for compared anatomy and the help of Dr. Bernard Battail (spécialist of mammalian reptiles , MNHN Paris) he made this reconstruction … :wink:


As we were working on our websites these days, some links were not updated…
Now it’s OK!
Here is another WIP…


Again, Fantastic work. Inspiring!!

Thanks for the kind words Sylvia :smiley:

Your work is extraordinary!


Hello! here is another step with this critter…

Hope you’ll like…


very good job ! i like all your works - :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

…cool “Mise en page” :cool:
Except maybe this little fantasy : "text over green “Matrix text” is not so easy to read ! :rolleyes:

… as Marc told you, your work is outstanding! Thank you for your kinds words here! max Respect! xxx

Frenchy Pilou, about Matrix… did you get the blue pill or the red pill? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:
Your choice is the good one. You can come in our world when you want! :wink:
(chez nous: area 75/34) … Welcome!!!:smiley:

What you do is amazing work! Congratulations!:eek:
Please help me, could you tell me what techniques you use for that great skin modelling of your creations?
My first work in ZBrush is about to be ready(:D) and my texture making is horible :lol:. (SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH;))