Diana' Sketchbook

Hey guys. Still pretty new at this stuff but i figured i should start dumping some of my work on here in my own thread.
Here’s my most recent completed project. I call him Sluggy. :smiley:



I really like this image, it reminds me of an underwater scene, very moody. Could you explain a little about your process? lighting, little particles, programs used etc.

Thanks! I modeled, posed, and polypainted it in Zbrush, then tossed it in to Keyshot for a few render passes. Then brought it in to Photoshop to comp it with some photos and painted in some effects. Lets see, lighting wise, I got the glow of his slime by duplicating the slime shape in Keyshot and applying an emissive light to one, then clear glass on the other, then just tweaked it. I did different render passes for the slug to get translucent sub surface scattering and shininess (though I wish I had pushed that more. He’s not as translucent as I’d like). There was a lot of experimenting with comping it actually.

Well it’s a great final result, and I would agree with pushing your sss a bit more, I think it would definitely bring the slug to life a bit more, this is the great thing about modelling it doesn’t take much to make such a change and render out a new image, I’ll be looking out for further iterations, nice work.

Here are two of my Kaiju pups I’ve been working on here and there. Just going for a cute simple take on ze epicness of Kaiju. I also kept them simple so I could practice 3d printing them. I’ll post how that comes out later :smiley:


They’re lovely ^^

so cute! :slight_smile:
really nice design! looking forward to the prints :slight_smile:

I love the sitting one. Totally believable and so very cute!