Dia De Los Muertos miniature

A personal 3d concept for the Day of the Dead (you can see more renders here ) that I decided to convert into a 3d print ready miniature in 2 different versions, a single mesh model to be printed in small sizes and a 25 parts assembly to be printed in large scale.
I printed the single mesh version with 2 different 3d printers.
The translucent version was printed at Shapeways, with a 3DSystems Projet 3500 HDmax 3d printer using MJP Crystal Detailed Resin(Visijet M3-X) (with wax supports) and the grey version with great help from Mr Dimitris Kampourides with his Anycubic Photon 3dprinter using grey resin.

For more renders and photos of the 3d prints please visit this link.

Thanks for watching!