DEXTER sculpt

http://www.livestream.com/zbrushsketches/video?clipId=pla_1a31a41b-f9fc-4af4-83d5-eab39d343e4bHi all ,this is my atempton doing an portrait sculpt.Hope ulike it, its wip



I knew who it was right away without reading the title. Nice job.


hi all ,tanks lildragon.

So i did some more sculpting last night and here is the update.

cya all44.jpg33.jpg55.jpg66.jpg77.jpg

i like it:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

i like it too! and great style! do you sculpt in “real life”? I think that you used a claybuild up brush (and smooth of course) for the entire sculpt, like it does with real clay, or at least that seems to me :lol:.

you can feel the clay, great sculpt:)

Hi ,i appreciate your positive comments rodion vlasov Polo2011.
@ Moga actualy no i dont sculpt in real clay, i had newer an piece of clay in my hands.
And to show u better the approach and brushes i used u can watch this video http://www.livestream.com/zbrushsketches/video?clipId=pla_744e9bdd-e999-41b2-a511-d3701bb05d20

Its an custom brush i made ,its not mutch diffrent from TrimmDynamic ,in additive mode(regular stroke) its flattening the surface like TrimDyn but if u use Alt its like an clay brush .I also made an custom alpha to give it an textured stroke ,not that rond and perfect.So i mostly add whyle holding Alt and do strokes in the diredtion oh the muscles and to flatten it abit or make it lock erghier i use the normal stroke.So its an combination of the claytubes and the TrimmDynamic brush in one.

hi i made an short video to show ofthe brushes i use allmost all time,The one i mentioned before and an damian standard style kind of brush with has an pinch that makes nice sharp edghes http://www.livestream.com/zbrushsketches/video?clipId=pla_349c75ea-ddba-4ccd-b5e6-df992192fc47&utm_source=lslibrary&utm_medium=ui-thumb

Hi again,an update to dexter, its starts to lock like him :smiley:


This is really coming along nicely. Dexter is starting to come to life.

Good job on the anatomy scultping too! :+1:

Hi again, an update on dexter



Very nice!..looks like a real craftman working with clay

Lookin pretty good so far…I was gonna do a Dexter sculpt too, maybe I’ll post my version if I ever get to it.


i made some changes to this sculpt today. Its hard to get him lifelke,

Neat sculpt :+1: , I like the look in his eyes, Very fierce.

Marrakech, I wouldn’t be concerned about making him “lifelike”. To me, the visibility of your strokes give it a much more artistic and powerful feeling. Keep up the great work!

Hi Marrakech…:slight_smile:

Great job on your bust.:+1:small_orange_diamond:).Has the great quality of strenght that is captured in the started but unfinished to some others, other than himself of Michelangilo’s marble sculptues. :):+1:

nice progress keep on!:+1:

@ clearrose glad u like it,thx
@ voodoodad thx dude apreciate ur coment.I just want hes face to read better, in some views (angle) u dont recognize him easely, but if i use spotlight to texture him i noticed its ok, i just want to read just in clay, no texture.
@ SpiritDreamer thx dude , i apreciate ur comperisson with Michelangilo’s marble sculptues.:smiley:
thx sakro