Devourer Of Ghosts

Hi everyone,
I finally got some time to finish my personal practice.
awesome concept by Tooth Wu https://www.artstation.com/artwork/rR2YOa
Hope you enjoy it!
You`d like to see more pictures, you can find them on my Artstation page


amazing this, i feel the energy of the akira series out there, congratulations

Great flow! really awesome sculpt @StevenJia :clap:

Wow! What a wild concept! Nice job on this

Thanks for your kind words, Fernando, I like the Akira movie too, and always look up to it. It`s so classic!
Thanks, Jaime. I appreciate it.
Yes, it is. I was really amazed by the concept when I first saw it. So I decide to make a model from it. I really enjoyed working on it. Thanks for your kind comment.

It’s really great! I like this style.

Thank you, Sun.