Destrachan WIP


This is the first full-body model I’m determined to make, and it’s also the first model I started from scratch, with ZSpheres. I’m pretty satisfied with how the head is evolving, but I’m not at all satisfied with the rest of the body. I’m not sure about the musculature. At this stage, it looks rather like jelly instead of strong muscle. The hands and feet are a big pain. So far I have no clue how to make them look good. As you can see the model is nowhere near finished yet, but I thought I’d post it already to see what you guys think of it. If anyone has any tips on brush settings for realistic musculature, I’d be very greatful to get them.


hey…nice start. i think you’ve captured the overall form really well so far. your head seems to be a little longer than the original…but, it’s only a quick observation. i think in the end when you start to get into the detailing more that the final model will look 100 times better than the d&d sketch.

looking forward to seeing this progress. keep up the good work!

check this out…its very similar to your creature…except the head and yours has fins on its back.

Similar to your Creature

You are right, the snout on my model is a little longer than in the sketch. I noticed it after posting and I intend to adjust it. I also noticed that other thread. I had just started this WIP when the other creature was posted. Such a coincidence eh? Thanks a lot for your encouragement. I hope I will not disappoint your (and my) expectations. :confused:

I think it looks pretty cool, being an avid D&D player.

Note that the gometry on the fingers should be changed, overlapping polygons is not good.

Cheers, Isaac

Thanks for the compliment. I have a problem changing the geometry of the hands. When I do, I loose all the other work I have done on my model so far. How can I prevent this from happening?