I had the pleasure to be in charge of this 3D model from the design to the final piece, a volumetric interpretation of the Desigual logo by Peret.
Without zbrush this would not have been possible!! Thanks a lot to all the team for making the best tool ever!
pp_tio general general_back pp_tia logo


Really like this!

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Albeit simple, it actually looks cool as a logo :slight_smile:

Sweet and cakey - cut me a slice :+1:

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Thanks a lot @Yasmin ! Really glad you like this one :wink:

Thanks a lot Jaime!
That was exactly the goal in this project, just trying to get the main forms as true as the original front view 2D logo and providing creativity with shapes and the volumes.

Hahahahaha! Lemon, a little bit of strawberry and black chocolate… :wink: