Derp Man

Hello, I would like to share my latest piece, Derp Man :sunglasses:.
I am not sure if this will be a continuing project or not. We will see. Cheers



Great character ! I’d be very interested in knowing your post workflow since the result is so great.

@Ouran I used photoshop and duplicated a diffuse pass from Vray. An gave it a hue saturation. Along with adjusting the curve, and levels etc. in photoshop and got a good result.

Nice character work, I’m curious how the end result will look like if you plan to finish it, will you give your character some head hair as well?

@ryanreid: Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


it’s been fun to see this come together. please post some of the process images.



Hey, I gave it some though and I do plan to finish this project. I will start his clothing in marvelous and will be updating in the near future. As far as hair, I might add a short buzz cut. I am open to suggestions. Thanks

pretty cool result, I love the post image. Would be really cool if you could show the process :slight_smile:

Really good! :+1:
Great post work! :slight_smile: