DeRiggi Sketchbook

Hey all. Here are some recent sculpts and sketches. The animal sketches are meant to have no tails at the moment, as they will be in a game with swappable tails. Thanks for any thoughts!


Really like the first character, very cool work.

Thanks Trist.

Since the first character was also polypainted in ZBrush, here is the completed game version of him as well. 5151 tris. Concept design by Ben Chaney.

Nice work champ.

Nice work! I really like the snout/nose area of the groilla type creature. He really has alot of character in his face. Is the last one like a blend of a wolf and bunny?

I love his face! Feline yet demon-like, I like it :slight_smile:

And I LOVE the bird deer thing - verrrry nice.

Thanks all!

@ Nyx702: yup - wolf, bunny, & cat pretty much

testing some Ink/Toon matcaps from Matheiu Bernier. Decent results with the Ink Inline matcap. Quick polypainted texture on the big guy here.


Been a little while since my last post, but here are a few more images from Mechatars, the online battle game we created at Schell Games to complement the toys from Bossa Nova

A creature from a canceled project based on the Boggle from The Chronicles of Narnia

Welcome to ZbrushCentral buddy, glad you made it on here!:slight_smile:
Your work is just astonishing man, really love your sculpts. Great designs and really well executed!:+1:
Definently made my day with this thread! Keep it going and have fun sculpting!
All the best,

  • Kenny:)

I’ve always liked the Boggle. That material shows off the skin wrinkles really well.

Hey all. This is the demo character I created for the CG Society Workshop I teach, a 3 week course called Rapid Character Development for Online Games. Sculpted and painted in Zbrush. Concept by Eric Zawrotny. The workshop is geared toward creating characters for games like Diablo, Torchlight, or DOTA, where the characters are smaller on screen. Please check out the course here if you’re interested. The next session starts on January 7th, and the first session sold out! Thanks for looking!

Been quite a while since I posted to this thread, but here are some updates! These are some anatomy studies from Scott Eaton’s Digital Figure Sculpture course. I highly recommend Scott’s courses for veterans or newcomers to figurative arts!



Here is a lunch sculpt based on an awesome illustration by Dave Guertin and Greg Baldwin of Creaturebox, The Monster Volume. Gotta love the artwork those guys create!


Here is another lunch sculpt of a Creaturebox illustration, also from The Monster Volume


These are awesome John! Super clean and full of style.

Thanks very much Nick!

Been quite a while since I posted to this thread but here is a fun sketch from an inspiring book from my childhood by Lee J. Ames, called Drawing Beasties & Yugglies…I think this one here is a Yugglie:)


Great sculpt. Very cute character.