Demons and a Dinosaur

I’d like to show the sum of my ZBrush efforts which I’ve managed to squeeze between the cracks of full-time employment and family life. I’ve learned a lot from these projects, and I hope you enjoy having a look. Any comments are appreciated.

The first is a Stygimoloch dinosaur which I did for school. It was started from ZSpheres and re-topo’d after blocking out the basic form. It’s a little over 10 million polys. The eyes are slightly modified from a Deer Eyes material which someone generously offered to the ZBC community. I would give credit if I could remember who it was :confused:

Stygi Heads2.jpg

Turntables of each of these models can be found at the link below. I tried embedding them, but it downgraded the quality to the point that they weren’t worth looking at.



Stygi Heads.jpg



Stygi Back.jpg

Stygi Feet.jpg

Stygi Hands.jpg


Caco Sides.jpg


Imp Head.jpg

Imp Head.jpg

Lost Soul.jpg

Lost Soul2.jpg

Looks like your ZBrush efforts are off to a good start. Nice use of colors in particular. Double props to you for gettin this stuff done while working full time and doing the family thing. I always find that impressive.

I’ve never been a big fan of Christmas, but I’ve had this image in my head for so long now and it just… works.


Merry Christmas!

Really like the earthy tones on the dinosaur! :+1: And I thought the Cacodemon was a Beholder at first glance. :wink: Nice work!

I love the work on this dinosaur, especially the scales. Amazing work here

I can’t believe I missed replies on my thread, thanks Sora Na and Marsyas!

and a long overdue thanks to fattkid :stuck_out_tongue: