Demonic Door

Hello there I am Michael Falcony and this is my first ever zbrush sculpture and my post in zbrush central, I feel a little nervous, there are so many talented people here with so many crazy amazing stuff that is intimidating posting something made by a newbie hehehe. This is not my first time sculpting tho I used to sculpt in Blender but I recently switched my workflow (or I’d better say my experience) from blender to Zbrush so many of the stuff I used or did are actually stuff that I used to do in Blender. I still don’t know how to do very complex stuff in Zbrush so this is the best I could do and it was actually for a contest/challenge.

The contest I am participating is a challenge hosted by Pablo Muñoz Gomez in the page www.3dconceptart.com This is my submission for that challenge my first ever zbrush creation, I hope that is somehow descent I worked really hard for 3 weeks to make this scene. I made everything in zbrush from the sculpting, retopology, UVs and texturing and render all in Marmoset. It was a really nice experience to make all in one software and for the challenge it was the richest learning experience.

From now on I will be posting everything I do here along with my artstation to see if my art ever improve with the time.


Welcome to the forum Michael and bravo for a fine first post. :+1:
Now you have overcome your nerves with regards posting I look forward to many more.

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I echo Boozy_Floozie sentiment, welcome to the forum and looking foward to many more of your works :wink:

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Great work! Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

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