Hello I just started to experimenting and practising now with a monster pack I will do a Japanese demon known as Oni in Japan I want to known what do you think and help me a little with a suggestions thanks for your time and happy day :smiley:


Oni 2 WIP.jpg

Oni 3 WIP.jpg

Oni WIP.jpg

Great work so far! I saw the icon and immediately knew it was an Oni, so I had to check it out. My only suggestion is that at present it doesn’t feel like there’s any musculature pulling out that grin. Maybe dip into some reference pics of people smiling to see where the face wrinkles and bulges. Otherwise, super job and you’ve captured the look of a traditional Oni very well.

Hello thanks for the comment :smiley: I am very happy about that I am very glad you known is a Oni a Japanese Demon I can’t figure out how to do about “musculature pulling out that grin” now I have started the body is very Work In Progress I want the demon have like a human body and not too much muscular what do you think?


Oni 4.jpg

Oni 5.jpg

This is my new Work In Progress I put the arms and the feet but I not very sure about the muscles of the arms thanks for your comments :smiley:


Oni 6.jpg

Oni 7.jpg

I am continuing with the Japanese Demon A.K.A. Oni how do you think about it? the muscles and the anatomy? I want to known please what can I change? greetings and thanks for your time :smiley:


Oni WIP 2.jpg

I dont know what your going for, the Oni, aside form the face seems mostly human. So if hes going to have human anatomy then what you can change is… just about everything. Study human anatomy, start with the proportions. Then skeletal structure, which bones should be showing which will be hidden. Then build up the musculature on top of that armature. I’m not saying its gonna be easy, but when you dont have too much knowledge of anatomy you cant shorcut to the end product because it will look wrong. Hope that helps.

Japanese Demon now I changed the weight now I think is better if is fat my Oni is still work in progress I Known the hands and the feet are wrong I will fix it soon what can I change?
thanks for your time some people say it is the legs and the arms but what could be? :confused:


Oni WIP 3.jpg