Demon WIP

Heres a little something I started the other day. I’m pretty new to this and looking for some constructive feedback :slight_smile:

Enjoy! (p.s. Ignore the hands they havn’t been touched yet. The spacing, scale and everything else is way out. Just done some torso work thus far).

Progress WM.jpg

WIP update. Still barely touched the hands… Needless to say they need a lot of work.

Enjoy! (hopefuly more updates to come).


With uni just starting again I’ve not had much time to work on this guy. Heres a small update

face WM.jpg

Hello friend !!!

I am really impressed with the amazingly beautiful masterpiece created by you. I am sure that you will reach the heights one day.

All the very best for your bright future.

God Bless you !


Pankaj Malik

Business Development | CG Innovation

Really glad you like it. I always appreciate getting some feed back good or bad. I will be sure to keep updating as much as I can. Like I said i’ve only been working with zbrush a month or two so my current work flow is slow to say the least. Anyway, thanks again!

Looks awesome and its only a wip, I have to ask how did you manage to do the skin between the bones of the wings?

Hey Heretic Templar, thanks for the comments :smiley:

Well as you can see I had the spines for the wings created in my base mesh. I then used topology extraction to basicly fill in the gaps between the spines. If you wan’t a more detailed description I’d be happy to fill you in.

Thanks again.

Just a little progress update. Just been looking at the mouth and the surrounding muscle structure. The topology on the head is really starting to fight me. I’ve been avoiding it for a long time but I think it’s time to remesh.

CC are welcome.


Taking a quick break from this guy as i have a lot of university work piling up. Here’s a quick scuplt I knocked out last night. Not sure if i will get the time to finish it. Anyway, hope you enjoy.