Demon modeling finished

Hi guys, I Just finished my demon modeling I started in masterclass with Alex Oliver.
This is a keyshot render and composition in PS.
I’m also texturing him, more to come. thanks!
C&C are welcome.



demon posed.16.jpg

demon posed.15.jpg

demon posed.16.jpg

demon posed.19.jpg

demon posed.30.jpg

demon posed.21.jpg

demon posed.37.jpg

demon posed.18.jpg

Insane! Wow.

I’m new to modeling, I was just wondering how long it takes some of you guys to attain such details on a model ?

I think you missed a spot-:lol:
Amazing detail.

Top row!

Wow, amazing man!

Wowwwww this is insane, very good job Rodrigo.


I´ve already told you that, but… This works is insanely good.
Congrats Rodrigo

One of the greatest demon sculpts I’ve ever seen!
Congrats for the hard work with all this insane level of details.
I’m digging this thread and can’t wait to see this beast textured.
Top Row 4 sure!

Hey guys! Thanks to everyone here! :slight_smile:
Here are some shots in redshift. C&C are welcome.


Demon0000 b2.jpg

Awesome details! Great work Rodrigo Braga! Congrats!