Demon Creature

This is a character I have made which is based on Michael Pavlovich’s design, with some of my own artistic touches. I want to thank Michael for being as awesome as he is, and I have to add that I have learnt a lot from him. This is a creature I started sculpting one year ago, but I never had the time to finish him off. This summer was a great opportunity to do the remaining work.

This is a high res model sculpted in Zbrush 4r3. Low poly models created using 3Ds MAX. All textures are hand painted in Zbrush using the polypaint feature. Lighting and shaders are set up in Zbrush and rendered out using BPR. Render passes are composited in photoshop for the final image. The high res version of the final image is at 2800x4320 pixels.

Breakdown of all render passes, detail shots and a 2K version of the image is available at my blog here!

I would be happy to hear what you guys think!