Demon Creature Sculpt

Hello guys! I am in my second year in a double degree engineering program (Audiovisual Systems Engineering + Computer Sciences) at Barcelona and usually I have no time to practice with ZBrush and to do some of the real interesting things I would like to do. I’ve been following ZBrush for a while and although I also like to do programming and ‘computer things’, I would love to end up working within this field. This last week I had no classes so I had time to practice and have fun with Zbrush, trying out some of the new functionalities.

This is the model I did, it’s rendered with the BPR function and inspired by a model of Scott Spencer, which has a series of videos where he explains how he did it. I would like to believe that my model is not a simple copy of his!!; this is the link from the 3D World Magazine http://www.<wbr>3dworldmag.com/2011/04/04/<wbr>sculpt-a-demonic-creature-<wbr>bust-in-zbrush/.

I’m pretty happy with the final result, although I got tired at the end and I didn’t take much time to do some of the final touches. I got tired mainly because of the modeling of the horns. Now I realize that it was stupid to model them the way I did, but it’s okay because now I know how to do it in a much faster way!

This summer I would love to do an internship in a 3D studio for two or three months, helping in any tasks, for free, but as I am not in a 3D school nor I have many 3D models to show, I don’t know if they will want me there or even if they will answer my e-mails… I’ve searched quite a bit and I found some big studios that encourage students to make summer internships, but I imagine there will be many requests and that the students from artistic branches and 3D schools, with more things to show, have a better chance. I am really looking forward to learn new things and see how these places work, and I’m sure I would really benefit from the experience and that I could help them in some things! Do you know of any studio that could be interested in hosting me?

Thank you! :slight_smile:







Welcome to ZBrushCentral:)
Great start, nice work on the face and the detailing of the horns, reminds me a little of avatar though ^^
Definently keep it going, that tutorial with scott spencer is really nice, are you going to do the paint aswell?
All the best and have fun sculpting,

  • Kenny:)

Thanks a lot man!! Don’t know yet if I’ll do the painting also. I think I’ll do the whole body first and later on maybe I encourage myself to do the texturing and render… but I lack a bit of time right now, so perhaps in summer!! :slight_smile:

Hello guys!! I’ve done a turntable preview of the demon creature model I posted. I’ve done some retouches, adding more details and distorting a bit the simmetry, but I still have quite a few things to polish… such as the backbone. I was planning also to do some texturing and maybe I model him with the mouth open! This is the result of the turntable and some pics:

<iframe width=“640” height=“480” src=“http://www.youtube.com/embed/mXP79M_oJHo” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen=""></iframe>

DemonWax (2).jpgDemonZoom.jpgDemonFaceSideWax.jpgDemonBackWax.jpg

Like it. Neck looks kinda strange to me (sternomastoid muscle connection to clavicle), i can be wrong, but it’s probably because he’s not human :slight_smile: Better indication of scapulas and acrominion process wouldn’t hurt though, as well as clavicular head and sternocostal heads of pectoralis.

Heh always recognise scott spencers tutorial. Pretty good intro book of his, Zbrush Character Creation. This was my version, which didn’t deviate much from the tutorial (something I should’ve done).

Definitely give polypainting a go, there’s a tut in the same book if you have it. A bit of spraying colours on layers + a good material does wonders. I was really worried about polypainting at first but you’ve just gotta dive straight it, and don’t be afraid to start over. Definitely look for a tutorial though and use layers!

Thank you for the comments!! I don’t have any knowledge of anatomy and any advice is appreciated. I should look for some tutorials and try to work with photo references, because what I’ve done so far I’ve done it almost without any.

Senka, I like your version! And I don’t have the book, but there’s the series of videos of the texturing process for free on Youtube, which they might be the same that you say? I’ll definitely take a look and will try to do my own :slight_smile:



DemonWax (2).jpg

Hm these vids? http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL16BEF9812ADACEB5&feature=plcp

In the 2nd edition he doesnt paint the demonhead but another model. From a quick look at the thumbnails though it looks like a similar process so you should be good. Asymmetry is looking good, and the tertiary details like the veins are great, subtle yet noticeable. Skin is quite good too, I messed that up and it looked noisy rather than leathery.

Did you follow the tut and use an outside app to add the topology for the horns, or try dynamesh? Although I think the tutorial leaves it a bit late for dynameshing if my memory is correct. Always good to know multiple ways to do the same thing though. Anyway keep it up, once you polypaint you could give rendering a go, try subsurface scattering for the skin.

Yeah those ones :slight_smile: In the tutorial he makes the topology of the horns using Maya, I tried to do them with Blender but then I decided to use ZSpheres (waiting for GoZ Blender!). I will try to update soon with the painting and rendering! Maybe next week I have time to work on it… Thanks again Senka for your comment :smiley: