Dell Canvas Stylus not working at all in 2021


the Dell canvas Pen is not working in 2021. Pen tip stylus does not register any commands, clicks, pallet selections, brushes or any input from the pen tip. It all works fine in ZB 2020… and all my other apps…

Is anyone else having this issue, perhaps on another device as well (like a cintiq or XPen and other Artist displaya… and is there any known fix anyone knows of?


Hello @Robert_Z

According to this Support article, the biggest culprit for tablet issues with zb 2021 has been Windows Ink. It’s recommended to disable this feature.

Otherwise, you’ll need to contact Pixologic Support for technical issues of this nature.

Good luck!

Thanks for the reply!

I completely disabled windows ink, and no luck with the stylus working. Its like it (the Stylus) registers in 2021… I can see a cursor and for some reason right click functions work where I can tumble and zoom in on the model … but nothing happens with brushes (the cursor sticks to the model) I cant selecting a brush with the pen, menu items or anything.

UI highlights are visible so its being recognized, but its like there are no “collisions” happening. … and 2020 and all my other apps are fully functional on the Dell Canvas… its just ZB 2021… so I’m going to put in a ticket…

thanks again for the reply…