Degenesis Sleeper Fan Art

A little something I’ve been working on. Sculpted in zbrush, first time rendering in vray, as you can see, I still have a lot to learn :laughing:. I hope you guys enjoy.


SleeperCompStage 002.jpg

I like it a lot…but(there is always a “but”) 3 things I’d change -The angle of the knife makes it awkward to reach, if it was tilted down like a shoulder holster it would work better.
The shoulder stock looks like it would damage the person firing the gun rather than help absorb the recoil.
The top of the boot looks like a knee-pad that has slipped giving a double knee 1st impression.
All very minor quibbles that just caught my eye, and that others would probably disagree with.:slight_smile:

Yes this as some personality, you are on the good path with this. Good work.

Very cool futuristic outfit. :+1:

Love the outfit and pose.