Deep Sea Creature Challenge

My First Thread/Challenge
Hello All!
This is my first Thread. Yay!
As a start to my thread releases i would firstly like to put forward a challenge to all those that will be interested.

The Challenge
My challenge is called: “Deep Sea Creature Challenge”.

I encourage all to use their imagination and i guarantee this will be very interesting and fun.

Your challenge is either to modify an existing deep sea creature or create your own. I will announce a winner after the 31st August.

The challenge starts the minute you read this post. Have fun.

Not many, but no bright colours, remember this is a deep sea creature challenge, so there will not be many colourful fish or other things down in the deep. Wether your creature be kind or evil, NO colourful creatures, (please).
And Remember to use your imaginations!!!

(Examples of Some Deep Sea Fish/Creatures.)





Hello everybody, this is my first “real” try with Zbrush. I modelled this little fish that lives at extreme water depths and is diffused in tropical and temperate parts of all oceans. I started modelling from a simple sphere sculpting all around to give it the shape i wanted. It’s about 2 million poly’s and took me 2 days of work. Since the final image it’s quite dark (very deep water eh eh), I also enclose two more pics that will help showing the model details.
One note: i tried to simulate a flash point light that strikes the Himantolophus on its visible side; it was not easy to find the right balance it Zbrush, i think it tends to overshoot too much point lights and spot lights, tweaking intensity sliders was not very smooth the way i figured it out. Probably i had to tweak also some of the material properties …
Since i’m just a beginner, any comment and suggestion it’s greatly welcome. Ciao !





Very kewl! Your first serious attempt! It’s funny, I’m about to start my first serious ZBrush attempt and was thinking about making an angler fish! Even before seeing the modeling video.

Only thing that came to my attention on your model, that might have room for improvement is the rear fin. the form does not look like it has the typical fish fin “lines”, yet your top render has it textured that way. Then again, it’s a deep sea fish - those creatures are quite surreal and different looking than other things on this planet! so you might be right.

:+1: :sunglasses: :+1: keep up the good work!

R u givin away that last images… blue electron microsope style material, and light setup… id use it

Thankyou for participating in my challenge.

Your piece is great.

I’m glasd my challenge did not go unnoticed :stuck_out_tongue:

Very keen work on that deep water fish. What kind of materials did you end up using on the colored render?

Hi everybody, thanks for your replies.
Regarding the materials, i modified the toyplastic for the fish body (degrading some of the plastic look and adding some noise in it), and created a new material (very simple) for the transparent tails and fins.
Hope to see more interesting challenges coming up!
Sorry for my bad english … :slight_smile:

The work of all you are fantastic, I wait one day to arrive in this point.
Congratulations!! :slight_smile: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

here is my ancient image made in Zbrush and rendered in lightwave!!
hope it doesn’t mind if i did it before the challenge:confused: !

Awesome Stuff!

One question; How did you manage to make it look like a merky underwater place???


Thats it, my third object in ZB. A final rendering with enviroment in Maya/MR comes later. The texture isn’t finished, but i got some problems with “projection master”. I think, it will look better, with a nice maya-shader.




Congratulations to all of you who have attempted the challenge; and may I say all of your models are fantastic!

Keep up the stuff and I look forward to seeing more posts from all of you in the future.

:smiley: Matt


The final rendering in Maya/MR. Well, it’s dark down there.

Heres my deep sea creature.

Strange Worm.gif

… sometimes soon, someone will post a totally black picture in this thread… pretexting that there’s no light in the deap sea. … and asking comments on the modeling. I didn’t have the guts to do it myself. :lol:


hey,seadude.jpg so Im still learning I dont mean to bring the quality down a few levels but I cant help posting when I get something done hehe :smiley:

Hey all. Don’t worry if you posts didn’t enter between the set dates.

Infact I think it’s awesome my thread is still being used. So go right ahead!

All your model are spectacular work. Keep posting now… :wink:

My first model with Zbrush using the Deep Sea Creature Tutorial, not finished, but its at least ready for posting :wink:



Coming along really well here. I’m thinking of posting something of my own…