DecimationMaster_2020.txt script etc. errors when starting Zbrush 2020.1.1

When I start a Zbrush I get 4 alert windows as in the attached images
DecimationMaster_2020%20error%201 DecimationMaster_2020%20error%202 ZCameras_2020%20error%201 ZCameras_2020%20error%202
Assistance on restoring my zbrush functionality is requested

Hi @cgmystic

Usually, deleting the contents of “C:\Users\Public\PublicDocuments\ZBrushData2020” will fix problems like this. Make sure you backup any Hotkey, UI Colors, UI Customization files first. ZBrush will rebuild the folder next time it starts. If that fails, you might have to reinstall ZBrush. If it’s still the same after reinstalling then you should submit a ticket to Support.

ZBER2: Thanks for the response.
The two methods haven’t resolved the DecimationMaster_2020 and the ZCameras_2020 errors on starting a zbrush session.
The second alert Zbrush throws at me for the reason not loading either script is likely as stated in the alert title bar "ZScript Note: Specified execute file could no be found.
I recall a similar issue in that a file required administrator privileges for zbrush to run it for a plugin.

Technical issues like this need to be directed to Pixologic Support. These are just the community boards, and are not equipped to troubleshoot issues of this nature.

Zbrush 2020.1.4 updates resolved the ZCameras_2020 alerts.
DecimationMaster_2020 still causes alerts and doesn’t load with Zbrush2020.1.4

So I ignore the alerts and continue without decimation master.

It is my belief windows 10 has for some unknown reason blocked the decimation master plugin from being accessed by zbrush.

That is to say something is wrong with the folder privileges of windows 10 and Decimation Master C:\Program Files\Pixologic\ZBrush 2020.1.1\ZStartup\ZPlugs64\Decimation Master