Decimation Master Not working


Been a while since I posted here. I have an issue with Decimation Master. It just either says “Computing…please wait” and then nothing happens forever or I get a C++ runtime error.


I have tried reducing the threads used for DM as well as using the DLL option.

Nothing works.

Any help much appreciated since I have a deadline and this doesn’t help :grimacing:


p.s. remeshing is also not an option since the subtool (only one in the project with no subdiv levels and no masks btw) is quite heavy with around 20 Mill polys

Hello @ZeiTGeist

Sorry you’re having some trouble!

In order to contact the Support team, you’ll need to go to Pixologic Support and start a conversation there. The other users on the forums here won’t be able to help you with system specific technical issues.

It would save some time if you visited this page and followed the instructions to create a Diagnostic Report. Including this with your initial message will save the team from having to ask for it.