December Knight - Part III - Traveler

In this post I wanted to share part of my workflow in the form of a video tutorial.
It explains how you can composite in photoshop to quickly itterate and create different variants, drasticly changing the mood of your image.




Thank you for sharing! I would never have guessed that the light variations were Photoshop. Great technique.

Neat and easy way to make lighting variations for a cool character presentation. Thank you for sharing. :+1:
Also, I suggest checking the new Mtoa feature, “Imager Light Mixer”.

Thanks for taking the time to make this video and share these tips @Arno :clap:

Thanks for sharing this workflow -much appreciated!! :sunglasses: :+1: :star:!!!

Using techniques similar to the one explained in my tutorial mentioned above, I did look-developement into multiple colour variations for the armour and clothing. Similar to Dye’s in modern RGP’s.

This video was originally intended for instagram, but I decided to share it here aswell.