Hello everyone,

I was super inspired by Vitaly Bulgarov and the amazing Black Phoenix Project! So I decided to design a scorpion mech!
ZBrush was big part of this process and I want to share it here with you guys! Also I made a breakdown from the parts which created in zbrush, I hope this will be helpful. :slight_smile:
Deathstalker 011.jpgDeathstalker 001.jpgDeathstalker 002.jpgDeathstalker 003.jpgDeathstalker 004.jpgDeathstalker 006.jpgDeathstalker 007.jpgDeathstalker 008.jpgDeathstalker 009.jpgDeathstalker 005.jpg


Deathstalker 011.jpg

Deathstalker 001.jpg

Deathstalker 002.jpg

Deathstalker 003.jpg

Deathstalker 004.jpg

Deathstalker 006.jpg

Deathstalker 007.jpg

Deathstalker 008.jpg

Deathstalker 009.jpg

Deathstalker 005.jpg

Deathstalker 010.jpgDeathstalker 012.jpgDeathstalker 013.jpgDeathstalker 014.jpgDeathstalker 015.jpgDeathstalker 016.jpgDeathstalker 017.jpgDeathstalker 018.jpgDeathstalker 019.jpgDeathstalker 020.jpg


Deathstalker 010.jpg

Deathstalker 012.jpg

Deathstalker 013.jpg

Deathstalker 014.jpg

Deathstalker 015.jpg

Deathstalker 016.jpg

Deathstalker 017.jpg

Deathstalker 018.jpg

Deathstalker 019.jpg

Deathstalker 020.jpg

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Deathstalker 021.jpgDeathstalker 023.jpgDeathstalker 024.jpgDeathstalker 025.jpgDeathstalker 026.jpgDeathstalker 027.jpgDeathstalker 028.jpgDeathstalker 029.jpgDeathstalker 030.jpgDeathstalker 032.jpg


Deathstalker 021.jpg

Deathstalker 023.jpg

Deathstalker 024.jpg

Deathstalker 025.jpg

Deathstalker 026.jpg

Deathstalker 027.jpg

Deathstalker 028.jpg

Deathstalker 029.jpg

Deathstalker 030.jpg

Deathstalker 032.jpg

Breakdown A.jpgBreakdown B.jpgBreakdown C.jpgBreakdown D.jpg


Breakdown A.jpg

Breakdown B.jpg

Breakdown C.jpg

Breakdown D.jpg

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Hey man!

Great job ! thanks to share your breakdown! interesting!

keep it up!

Can’t wait to see your next 3D designs models man!

Thanks Cki! That means a lot coming from you, my friend :slight_smile:

Absolutely amazing! What a perfect job. Thanks for sharing.

Saw this yesterday… WICKED! Congrats on TR.

Thank you for showing and sharing all these. I went on ArtStation also, and really enjoy and value your artwork. Your breakdown is really well laid out and very informative. I was wondering about your processes for adding all the fine detail.
I do try to imagine how all the very fine lines are added. And although this is not a forum for other programs, I wonder if you might also share a screen or two talking about you adding the details and then keeping all that incredible information as you import back into ZBrush?

Congrats on Top Row!

Fantastic automobile inspired work - you managed to make it look massive.

…of a small dangerous monster! :sunglasses: