This is a personal creature project I worked on for fun. I made this figure sculpture based on one of my paintings I made in 2019. All parts were 3d printed and painted by hand. At the end you will find some making-of images, but also some views of the highpoly sculpture. The maquette is 20cm high and made of 11 parts. I took the photos in front of my screens, for which I created a panorama image to generate an ambient light with it (inspired by Mandalorian :slight_smile: ).

This is the ‘concept’ I had painted at the time, it is the colored version of an older pencil sketch from a sketchbook. At this point it was still completely unclear what the legs would look like.

I hope you like my creeper. I’m also thinking about building a larger version of this.

I had fun to create a little assembly instruction sheet for it:


great job

Thank you!