Hi all!
This is an idea that poped in my mind after seeing a beggar on the streets of Frankfurt. The guy was almost on the same position but covered with a black cloth, just like the normal Death concept.
As a anatomy lover, i decided to put both together.

Hope you enjoy it!




nice work man!! awesome!! nice shading and lighting! which renderer did you use?

BRILLIANT! Love the concept :+1:

This is a sick piece. Can we see the sculpt in zbrush?

good job

I like everything about this piece. It would be nice to see the Poly frame.

This is a very nice image. The shaders and lighting are good.

Thank you guys!
The render is Vray!

Here is a few Zbrush shots.



TOP Row!! great expression great texture:-) 90% of the people on zbrushcentral just dont have what you got.
Take a snapshot of everyday life and
turn it into a imagination(Brain) and then use a tool(zbrush) to turn it into a sculpt is just sooo more!!

P.s I’m building a Zbrush artist forum to enhance Art made by Zbrush, hope to lunche soon.


Superb… Great render and great anatomy.

The skull jaws feels a bit massive/manly.

But its great!

Top row to me!

great work Mariano, I love this kind of work!!! keep em coming!

Thank you guys!

I’ll post some 3dsmax scene shots asap.



wow, amazing work!!

I love this piece, truly a work of art. My only crit is that the arm and hand that she is holding up is very straight. I think that a little more bend in the wrist would give it a little better pose. but besides that its an amazing piece of art.


Awesome render, really great stuff! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Great concept and sculpt!:+1: