Death Dealer

Hi everyone, this is the rendered 3D model of Death Dealer I made for Level52 Studios. The ‘demon’ ended up being my favorite part of the statue as he is basically ‘telling’ the story of pain and suffering of this scene while Death Dealer just calmly holds him there ready for the kill. I tried to make sure that the demons entire body language revealed he wasn’t going to get away, whether through the pointless hand reaching up or the toes tensed in fear. It’s a really rewarding storytelling exercise that I don’t get the privilege of doing much.
Thanks Chris and Brandon for the opportunity. The statue is up for PO by the way, go support these guys! (final product may differ slightly)

Also, shameless clickbait: there are more images (in 4k, no less!) on my Artstation (and a brand new instagram account that I have no idea how to use properly):


Thanks for looking!



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Absolutely outstanding work! Just gorgeous! I can’t believe this hasn’t gotten more of a response. It is so well done!

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Stellar work. All of it is just fantastic.

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Thank you for the kind words


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Wow! This is excellent work! :heart_eyes:

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cool and brutal! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, glad you liked it.

Hi @Fabricio_Torres

Beautiful work! :+1: :smile: :+1:

Deadly Sculpt.Great expression.

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INCREDIBLE sculpt!!!

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Awesome work, Congrats Fabricio!

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Thanks Andrew!

Frazetta would be proud, I wish to f*** he could have lived to see this medium take off!

that’s what we use to call outstanding ART, Great job

Wow! Very expressive! Crazy details! You rock!