Deadpool || Basemesh Test

Hello guys this is my first real sculpt from a base mesh and i was wondering if my edge flow and such is ready for zbrush yet. Still needs more smoothing groups and i need to work the armor more.

The white areas are seperate objects for subtools. The red mesh is one piece so that i can sculpt more muscle detail to itselt without messing up the hard edges of the armor. Wrong way to go about doing this?

This is my character for the comicon comp over at game artisans.

C&C Welcome.





Hey Aftermath…It looks good, can’t wait to see you start sculpting. How did you create the base mesh…ZSpheres or another program.

keep it going, looking forward to the end piece!

modeled all in 3d studio max 9, thanks for the comments.

Here is an update.




Hell yeah, the merc with a mouth, love deadpool. Its still early but im already liking the proportions. Cant wait to see more. Only thing I’d change is make the handles for the bladed weapons a little longer and thicker, but that’s just my personal pref.

thanks, the blades are a wip i will be tinkering with them.

So i started playing with the base body in zbrush, it was real fun i need to look at anatomy images more on muscle groups. I have never sculpted anything like this before so bare with me. Heres what i have so far, right now im just adding the mass im not sculpting the details yet.

Im really winging this muscle sculpt, and it shows so anything you guys have to help or offer is welcomed and greatly welcomed.

Rightclick Save AS for a larger version to see.






no comments? me sad now :frowning: . Hehe its ok :slight_smile: glad you guys even take the time to peak in.

Here is a color test painted in zbrush, im working on putting my own spin to the suit. The model is being resculpted since this high poly sculpt only took me 1hr to do i want to take my time once i figure out what im doing. Below the color image is a scale check. I was getting alot of crits on how his body mass was to wide and how he was only 7 heads high. Now he is 8 heads high and is technically at hero size. I think the scale up height wise help slim him up and make him more comic bookish.

His lower body is still being worked on, im missing alot of core muscles there.

What do you guys think of him?
Anyone have a technigue/tutorial on doing leathers or anything i wish to alpha texture the suit so it has a texture look rather then painted skin.








Hey man this is damn good and im a big deadpool fan. One thing i would say is go back to muscles and work on it a bit more. The best references for muscles are bodybuilders in my opinion. You don’t have to make your characters that big but it really helps on seeing EVERY muscle group in the body. P.S. Deadpool aint got no calves! Whats up with that!!!:lol: Good job man!

yea that high polysculpt was only about 1hrs of work, and my anatomy knowledge at the time was slim to none. Now i have alot more references so im in the process of fixing his muscle groups. The bottom half in these images wasnt even really touched yet i was trying to outline the muscles and then add mass.

Thanks for the crits i will work on it more, i hope im doing Deadpool justice.

here is where it stands right now some anatomy issues still at foot.

Cool start, but dont forget that he uses guns too! :wink: