DEADPOOL advertisement car at Japan

What an amazing project! This looks fantastic. Great work. Thanks for posting all the photos. Top Row well deserved!

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Thank you Tushank,this is CNC milling I will up some photo.
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The one given on the Web site isn’t permitted easily, but there is leave from fox in the 20th century this time, and the one which was usually done to work will carry it.
It’s until styrene foam prototype production of 7m of a debt pool sound truck that I concerned this time as my company. Pop arts and crafts company in Osaka which is an original contractor put a protective coating by glassfiber reinforced plastic on the styrene foam and refined, and the completion picture put first was painted.
I kept your miniature doll at the stage of the estimate originally, and it was the business that three-dimensional scan cuts that, but a doll wasn’t also obtainable and I had a foreigner star put on a costume for advertisement, and it was the flow such as correcting and cutting a scanning and the data in Zbrush. A costume for advertisement was new also also glossy, and only the approximate vicinity couldn’t take a picture well easily by our machinery and materials, and was in the state like the next full scratch. I came near, and it was possible to be very glad you carve a ditch again additionally by Pop arts and crafts company, and that you have completed cut styrene foam beautifully from a customer, too.
We have and are glad about a good reaction about that, too, because Ryan Reynolds takes up in Twitter, too, and we do the thing which is as much as possible though it was a short due date.
I rarely meet the work to see an eye on such day easily, but I’m doing many VIP’s solid things through the year in our company.

These photo are scaning picture.







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Hi!, I’m here!Thank you very much for your a lot of visits.
A company in Osaka where glassfiber reinforced plastic and paint were performed “pop arts and crafts”, make, the address of the home page is mentioned.
It’s possible to see the picture which isn’t raised here and a picture of the past. Unfortunately it’s Japanese.

And I also write the work address as FES.Inc,(Fantastic Electric Sculpture.Inc,) which serves as a representative clearly.
A scanning, 3DCG modeling and EPS form cut were performed here. This is also Japanese.

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I loved your Wolf and Lione Printed wall light.

Wow amazing!!!

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