Dcm master limits?

Seems like since 2015 decimation master with uv chock at 30-40 millions poly.
Disregarding hardware upgrade :
As for today running zbrush 2021.5.1 on windows 10 64bit, intel i9 10 th gen 10 core 20 thread 5ghz , RAMM 128 gb ddr4 4000 mhz ,ssd m2 pci 4 sabrent 2 tb, nvidia rtx3090 DDR6 32gb all attached to a solid gigabite z490 aorus xtreme mother board.
As much as viewport/vs polycount uses 100% of the cpus(amazing), dcm master chock at the same limit that it did 5 years ago on a much less powerfull workstation. it barely uses 40 % max of the cpus while processing, same for the ram or disk usage. DLL option or not .
Tried to install on x86 and default program files , no differences.
Testsed on default provided tool such as female head_ uved_subdi to 50mil point. Never maid it through the dcm. Often crash on reordering point task .

Is there some specific settings that I am missing or miss understanding ? thanks for your time and attention