DAZ Studio to ZBrush


Today I put together a rather fast tutorial on bringing in a DAZ Studio Model into ZBrush and then texturing the model. This is by no stretch a comprehensive tutorial but, gives you a starting point for the procedure. There may be other ways of accomplishing this task but, this worked for me.

All comments and suggestions are welcome. Please be aware this is a first down and dirty release. So, I’m sure there will be small errors or glaring mistakes. Again, please provide feedback.

You may download the tutorial by following this link:


The tutorial is under the eLEARNING link and is named DAZtoZB.pdf.

Have fun and thank you.


This was a very nice tutorial, very easy to follow, i really cant wait for more stuff for poser. Please continue when you have some spare time :smiley: .

thank you so far.

Very very nice tutorial!!!
hope to see more works like this of you,
any more daz & zbrush related stuff en 'll be there :smiley:

Wondered when we would run into each other some place like this! Didn’t know you were using zBrush these days… I am loving it and doing a lot with Modo and C4D too… Will check out your tutorial.
Take care buddy!


Yeah it is a good tutorial. :+1:

One thing that would really interest me (as it is an issue with D/S and poser)
is refining hair models. I am currently on my 30 days and starting to find my way around.

User of P7Pro C7Pro Lightwave & Vue7 - starting out with DAZ3 (Posers interface is very lacking in finesse.

Anyway - hi :smiley:

Was nice talking to you the other day. Thought I would add in a little tutorial on how to do this same thing with zBrush 3.2 to Modo and Cinema 4D

C4D: Press GoZ button

Modo: See above

Couldn’t resist! goZ is what we have always hoped for!


Great idea. There are a few newbies that will appreciate your effort.


Thanks for the tutorial. I did have a question or three… :smiley:

I use DAZ Studio and am an OLD newbie to ZBrush 3.

My questions are. Why choose MAX as your export choice? Since we are dealing with Poser sized proportions would that not be better?? Just curious.

So no welding then (Use Bone Welds)? Every one says "make sure you weld before exporting…

Not sure I need the maps since I’m making my own so I think I’ll choose No Maps…

I choose MAX since it’s my current choice for a 3D Application. However, It looks like I will be moving over to MODO.

If you weld and bring into MAX you need to have all textures in one image file.

Obviously you can export the model and maps out of DAZ directly into any 3D Application. ZBrush would be for creating high detail models then exporting the details as normal, bump, displacement, etc maps to apply to the lower res model in another application like MAX.

The GoZ will eliminate a lot of steps when it’s available on the PC side.


Hmmm, OK. Yea, I’m one of those lowly DAZ Studio users, I don’t use any of the high end apps like Modo or MAX! :wink: No interest really.

When using your notes I noticed that when I don’t use the Weld Bones option and then the mesh looks very separated, esp when I start to sub divide it, which according to another user is a good idea when doing textures to get in minute details.

I do notice one other thing when importing into ZBrush using any of the setting notes from a couple of folks, including your notes… when importing into ZBrush I get a popup that says this:

This mesh contains nonstandard polygons (more than 4 sides).

Would you like to split these polygons to set of symmetrical triangles?
or to a combination of Quads and Triangles?

Then I get options for each of those. I chose Symmetrical Triangles since the other option of Quads and Triangles (compatible with Z2) after it, which I assume was something that was an option in ZBrush 2 and probably not the best option.

Must be doing something wrong or do you get that as well?

Mind you, this is a direct export from DAZ Studio to ZBrush, nothing more so far. Gotta get this figured out before going any further. Baby steps!! LOL

more tutorials of zbrush to studio please,
vid tutorials very very very very welcome here! would pay for good tutorial of whole process…

New Link to Tutorial.


This link is dead.

Is there a newer link for this tutorial? I would love to take a love, please.

Unfortunately, it looks like this link is closed but I would love to take a look at this one as I am a DAZ user too.

Thanks for all your help.

Anyone happen to have a copy of this that they can post and link to please?

I would love to download the PDF but when I click on the link and go to the page I’m asked to enter an ‘Apple ID’. I don’t use a mac and don’t have an ID.

Can I download the PDF elsewhere?

Apple ID.JPG

Can’t find the video.Is there a new link to view it?

This thread is over 5 years old.

Just use the GoZ plugin and the latest version of DazStudio<style id=“pageBrightnessCustomCSS”>body{zoom:122%!important;}</style>

Hi Eiliestl, I use DS4 with goz. It’s really quite easy to use. Are you wanting to create morphs or textures? If morphs reduce your models geometry to the base level.

While the model is selected hit the goz button.

Depending on your computer it may take a little while but zbrush should load. The object is automatically loaded as a tool soit loads like any other tool.
Before doing any thing else make sure you click on the edit button. After this you should be able to rotate and edit the model.
If creating morphs you might want to enable x symmetry which is located under the transform menu.
The brushes I’ve found the most useful are the move and topological move. They won’t add any additional polys.

Texturing is a but more complicated bit there are some great tutorials in zClassroom or check out the zBrush forum at HiveWire.

Link no longer seems valid. Any update?