Daytoner // Enslaving Humanity in Style

Hi ZBrush Community!

I wanted to introduce my recently published Artbook “Daytoner - Enslaving Humanity in Style” to all of you! The book got published this January with Design Studio Press. I am honored to be part of a long lineup of amazing artists.

This book takes you on a journey into my Daytoner universe. It’s a vast place, inhabited by killer robots, augmented humans and urban ninjas. Meet Daytoner’s trademark characters, and, for the first time ever, dive into their bewildering backstories. Read the angry email of a middle manager at a transnational arms manufacturing mega-corporation! This book’s unique, playful mix of science-fact and science-fiction revolves around war and peace, love and hate, money and power, religion and revolution - in short, it’s the human condition, but with robots! In short text snippets and broad-brush-stroke vignettes, the book also points towards some of the most fundamental spiritual, ethical and legal questions facing humankind in the 21st century: What does it mean to be human in a world of ever-faster technological change? Should we do a thing, just because we can? And, most importantly, what’s going on in Post Berlin’s Dark District? Hello human, welcome to the Daytoner universe!

As most of my mech-creations are based on ZBrush Hardsurface models, i thought it would be fiiting to finally show this book here on ZBrushCentral. I love working with ZBrush - it gives me the freedom that i like in my workflows, that are usually involving a wide range of tools. I learned a ton from Mr. Pavlovich over the course of this journey and i am now at a point where i use ZBrush fluently:) Thanks for this great tool! Maybe i show up at a ZBRush Summit soon… who knows:D

The Book is a compilation of all the concepts that i did over the past 9 years and it is packed with a ton of robot inspiration:)

Here are a few reviews of my book:

”Daniel’s creations are so memorable and with such strong visual impact. His work is one of a kind. From the amazing character’s silhouette to the incredible mechanical details; everything is so meticulously thought out.”

Jerome Platteaux, Epic Games

“Daniel’s work is the most thoughtful, imaginative and intricate version of every weird little robot that’s been crawling around in my head all my life. Every page, another creation, another character with another story to tell.”

David S. F. Wilson, Love, Death + Robots

Hope you like it!

More infos and links:

Get the Daytoner Artbook here as the standard Edition:

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