Davy Jones Model

Made Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean.:smiley:
Here is my Final render:

Final Render

and this the Pipeline I used:

#Model Base Mesh in Maya

#Started Sculpting the Details.

#Added Some Textures and trying out some Poses.

#Finalized the Pose and its Texture and Created a a suitable shader to get the perfect look of the Character.

#And Tweaked the Lights, the Render Setting, and got this.

Final Render



Davy Jones_WIP7.jpg

Davy Jones_WIP11.jpg

Davy Jones_WIP14.jpg

Davy Jones_WIP2.jpg



Sculpt is good, I like it, but presentation is not so good. Especial shader and lights, I saw you use Maya and I think MR… try put on model SSS shader, light scene with one HDRI map for abient light and two lights one main light and second rim light. Try look to youtube or vimeo for some SSS shader tutorials in Maya.
When you did something, presentation is very important, you sculpt maybe will be good, but if presentation is bad, all your models will be average and uninteresting.

Keep it up.


very nice sculpt

Thanks lukas.chrapek … I would love to render it in Maya with SSS, it is more flexible for rendering than Zbrush. The thing is from some time I’ve been having problem in maya, its not starting and I’m kinda trying to solve it. I am new to zbrush, its just 3 months I’ve started using zbrush n its really great. I’m working on my first Modeling, Texruing showreel and will surely try to improve and will consider your points . Thank you :).

Thank you Thoanga. :slight_smile: