Davorek's WIP

Hello ZBC
I wanted to start a thread where I can post my WIP stuff and maybe get some feedback.
So this is the character I am working on and not sure to going on further, so I decided to post.
Comments are welcome:confused:






I decide to move on with him and sculpted and created topology for him.






Women face sketch for sculpt practice. All comments welcome.


Dynamesh and BPR fun.

DynaBPR_fun copy.jpg

Great start - Keep it up mate!
Looking forward seeing more from you.

Started new model from dynamesh. Surprised how is more flexible than zspheres. The only thing is that the topology has to be done from zero.

The first words of support for my work. Appreciate you take the time to look at it Kenny. Thanks.


You’re off to a good start Davorek. Keep it up!

Punky clown BPR workout

ZBrush Document.jpg

Hi Zbrushers. Created this character for practice with muscle flows. Still dynamesh from sphere. I am going further with sculpting smaller parts like face and hands and need to leave the dynameshing so C&C please.


You’ve got most of the anatomy down, there are some small things like the sternocleidomastoid not being placed correctly, and the biceps femoris seems a little wonky.
But your proportions are WAY off. Before you continue I would suggest getting some reference.
Keep it up!

Thank you for your comments. Totally missed up the sternocleidomastoid.
I would appreciate if you could tell me more about the proportions because I did look some bodybuilders references but most of them are posing with some kind of muscle tension. There are also so many different body proportions among them. Actually there are few that are really funny what they did with their bodies.
My main goal was to learn how muscles go and bodybuilders with their over sized muscles seems to me as a good theme for that.
But if I’m missing some big thing please give some more info on that.

Great showreal man! Really nice stuff there.


Well, at the moment your head is the biggest issue, it makes your sculpt look like a midget. It’s simply too big.It doesn’t matter if they are flexing or what, proportions stay the same.That being said there are many different kinds of proportions.I’ve taken an example from Andrew Loomis (in case you haven’t checked him out, you should) with an eight head formular.And you can see where yours is off.This can likewise be applied with say a seven and a half or nine head formular, depending on what you want.exampleprop.jpgAnyway, anatomy wise I think you are off to a good start.And just keep working at it ;)Hope this helps.And thanks btw :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking time to measure my muscleman sculpt. Didn’t have intention to go so realistic or correctly with proportions (actually wanted it to be non realistic or clumsy maybe more like a dwarf build rather than midget, but I got your point) but now when you compared it with proportion lines it seems to me that i have some other issues (like to big or to low pectoralis muscle, it just doesn’t seems right) and you opened my eyes for future practice and checking things comparing it with lines. Great idea.
Thanks again for taking time on it.


Anytime :slight_smile:

Finished concept and rendered with BPR


Quick likeness study sculpt



Hi to all. Here is one of new characters which I created for a mod I am working on with few my friends for SS3 game workshop (we planned to release one demo level just to try something new in engine that more than a decade is powering Serious Sam franchise). So this one was supposed to be charger type beast. Still working on pose and need to pollypaint it.

turntable http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jAV9tD4TjE

All comments welcome.