David Schultz - Thread of Hilarity and Doom

This is my first time posting any work over here. I am an Environment Artist in the games industry, and I will be posting pieces I am making in my spare time. Let me know what you think. I probably won’t change these first two I’m posting, but I can take any criticism towards bettering future works. Thanks!dschultz_spire_043012.jpgdschultz_naga_04_23.jpg

Sorry the images are different sizes. I had to squish the one down to get it under the size limits.

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Really beautiful works… I especially like the Naga Statue! :+1:

Hah, I can see why from your work. Thanks!

Great! Loved both works, David!! :wink:

yep, nice works David:), would be cool if you could explain or create a mini tut:+1:

Thanks a lot!

Polo2011: Is there anything in particular you would like to know? I’d be happy to explain how I went about making these.

This is a complete rework of a model of a corbel I made a couple years back.




saw your work on polycount and liked it very much … nice to see you here posting as well and hope to see more stuff from you …

Thanks a lot O/MI! I really like your work!

Whoa love the grit and subtle details on these. Pretty renders too.

I see you are a NC resident too!? Just moved here myself.

Man, you really have an eye for subtle detailing that totally makes these pieces come to life. The subtle imperfections make everything look so great!

Are these started as poly models, or done all in zbrush? Mostly I’m interested in your process for the corbel, if you ever have time to explain it a little :slight_smile:

Nyx702: Thanks! What brings you to NC? Send me a message.

polaroid29: Thank you, sir! It’s varied from piece to piece, but for this one every piece started out as a Max model. Some of them were really simple, but it was easier for me to define some of the shapes and still keep the curves the way I wanted in Max. I then used dynamesh to further define the shapes. In fact, I used dynamesh so much on this piece. I didn’t realize you could re-project your old mesh on to the dynamesh object before I saw those recent tutorials (which is so useful). I’ve got so much love for that feature. It made my life so much easier when I found myself in situations where I couldn’t get the detail I wanted. I could just re-project my detailed mesh onto my new dynamesh and get the mesh density I needed to sculpt more detail. So cool.

I just finished redoing this old set of wall tiles from my old temple project. I rendered out in Modo.




Really nice work is the wall piece done using projection master ?

Fantastic :smiley:

Would you please share your sculpting workflow that you used for the sec. image in your first post?


sculptntoo: Yeah, I used projection master for all the alpha detail. The goddesses were done the same way. I then masked off different sections and used offset and inflate to create depth. Then I used various cavity masks with slight offsets to bump out details, and then sculpted back in refinements on top of it.

rabieart: Well, there is a lot going on there. I’ll give a basic overview and if there is something more specific you are curious about let me know. I created the base for the snakes in Max, I think. That was just good old fashioned sculpting except for the scales. There, I created an alpha and offset/inflate those are with that. The medallion on the central section I sculpted using radial symmetry and the rest was done with projection master using an alpha I made from a model in Max. The pieces on the back shell were made using shadowbox.

That is really cool man. I always forget about Projection Master… I haven’t used it in such a long time. I think I deleted the button from my interface :o

So how do you like Modo? I have seen alot of awesome renders posted from it. That sorta peaks interest to learn it.

Thanks, Nick! Hah, yeah, Projection Master might not be as big a deal to character artists.

Modo is cool. I definitely like how it handles high poly objects and having the render preview window is awesome for setting up lighting. As for modeling, I think Modo is pretty awesome. There are a few things I think Max does better on the environment side of things just due to the nature of the modifier stack. But, it’s definitely worth checking out.

I finally placed my corbels in this brownstone scene I’ve been working on. Nothing else is sculpted at this point. I just wanted to replace my old render with the new corbels.