David lynch

hi guys. i kinda finished this but still could get better but anyways…
lighting using caveacademy lighting kit @cave_academy and its photography light tools such as beauty dish.grid, cycloroma, softboxes ,etc
… dismaps are mixed of 3 maps which is zbrush and xyz and 3dscan store which are controlled by masks in maya.
and again everything is same old thing mari zbrush polypaint xgen for hair and arnold for render.maps are zbrush dismap and hd from 3dscan and some with xyz and also
lighting tools belong to 3dcave academy.
along the way i made some close up renders from the lips also.
thanks alot guyss for watching
maya and zbrush scene


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Nicely done


hii thank you paul

Excellent likeness. Great work! :+1:

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hi marcus thanks alot for support

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amazing as always Vahid

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hi girl thank you


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thanks marc

Awesome work - thanks so much for sharing the WIP video - :sunglasses: :+1: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:!!

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hi bro thanks for kindess man :heart_eyes:

Simply outstanding Vahid!!! That’s just amazingly done, you can really do it all!!! Thanks for sharing :wink:

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hi jaime thanks for your kindness and support sir always and merry christmas and all the best for you sir and rest of family :heart_eyes:

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Brilliant work! The skin details are just remarkable. :+1:

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hiii thanks alot for kindness

Fabulous and impressive work! David Lynch is one of my favorite directors. I regard him as the Picasso of film. :heart:

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hi metin thanks my freind for support :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Incredible level of detail/realism. Would have liked perhaps to have the sculpt be a tad more flattering but I get the intent, and it´s a beautiful thing for sure. Lynch is one of my favorite human beings ever.

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hii man thanks for support

Wow, this is incredible :white_heart: