Darukin's Sketchbook

Hi All.

    I figured my works are too much all over the place, 
    so I also decided to open a sketchbook thread, where I will
    place some of my older and newer works, but make an all in 
    one thread like others have done which is why I got this idea.
    So here goes, this is my sketchbook thread, I will start with an introduction
    and add some older works which I had already posted before as well as
 newer ones. Then, any new works I that make I will add here hopefully.
    Hope you like my works anyhow.












‘POP POP! aw shnap, der it is!’ like when method man shot his dog in the wire, this is definitely top row quality. AHH!!! omg ur 18 years old. lol well nice going at being awesome.

Awesome work Darukin. The 2nd and 3rd pieces are my fav so far. Great detail on your characters.

Amazing pieces Darukin! the cyborg dude is my very favourite one, great concept !

uhhh…errrrrrrr…mmmmmmm…huh? at a loss for words…great stuff!

great stuff man. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Great stuff man…
Pretty cool for an eighteen year old… very focused…
keep it going…:+1:

Great work, I love the tribal voodoo stuff.

Dear god, Darukin, you’re only 18?
I’ve seen some of your pieces before, but i had no idea…
I’m in awe and very VERY excited about what you’ll do in the future.

Will be watching!!!

Great works bro, good choice opening sketchbook, hope to see some new stuff soon!

How do you model those small, precise details, like the designs on the armor?

Thanks for your replies guys, much appreciated! It’s your encouragement
that helps me go on, and crits as well which I thrive on.

Yeah I'm 18 =) and I only realize now how much I love this hobby more than anything else after taking Computer Science lol because I also liked programming, but Computer Science sucks for me lol I should have taken a Graphics course like at Gnomon or something. Either way, if I can do this stuff, anyone can, regardless of age, it's all about determination and effort, I'm not exactly gifted or talented, you should see some of the rubbish I used to create lol, this is just a thread with all the crap I made cut out. But hopefully I'm evolving and getting better =) I still have confidence issues with my works though heh. Either way, I'm just so busy at uni to be able to create new works it's so annoying, so might be a while till my next work. Hence most of this was last year's work. nero5150, fine details were mostly sculpted with standard brush and alpha,

or stencil mode on surfaces (alphas made in photoshop or downloaded,
stencils made to fit shape of surface in photoshop also).

Also much of it is stitch brush with alpha and with lazy brush and then
refining afterwards with smooth pinch clay etc.

Thanks again for the great encouragement, my art skill development thrives
on it also!

“I’m not exactly gifted
or talented”

You’re right about the hard work and practice, it takes that too. But you’re also very gifted and talented. To be doing this quality work at age 18 is incredible. I went to art college and there were many people there that worked for years and could not achieve the results that you have here. So you’re blessed with talent that many people wish they had. If you went to an art school I think you’d probably grow into an amazing artist.

Actually scratch that, you probably wouldn’t even need to waste thousands of dollars on a 4 year degree. But the fundamentals of art are helpful, stuff like color theory, design, etc. Although it looks like you’ve got that down as well lol. Something like clothed figure drawing would help. I think the folds in your fabric are one thing that could improve.

Is very good your work, great, congratulations, a big hug!!!


Wow…such fine works… love the material applied to the knight piece…May I know what it is?

Great work indeed. Lots of good stuff. Looking forward to more.

All i have to say is WoW :slight_smile: You’er very talented. I wish blizzard would put a little more in their characters.

Very nice work!

Beautiful characters, love it some detail.

you ROXXX!!

:+1: :+1: