Darksiders: The Forbidden Land - Team Post

Earlier this year I put together a small team to complete all the figures for this project on time. It was a lot of fun and a dream come true to work on this IP on designs by Joe Madureira.

Let’s do this:

I was provided an old game resolution model for War with its textures, I used that to reconstruct my own T-pose mesh for the miniature based on the low poly model by the team at Vigil. For strife I only had to do posing, print prep, and reconstruction of his guns based on assets by the team at Gunfire. I did that for both the Strife miniature, and the collectible statue. Original high res model of Strife was made by Brian Jones.




Fury was rebuilt from bits and parts of a previous statue asset. I made her body, hair, and outfit from scratch, her armor was kitbashed from Gunfire assets. Death was rebuilt from the game resolution model and textures. I remade his body, hair, and re-sculpted all the armor and accessories.



The Jailer was built from scratch using Joe Mad’s original concept and screenshots of the old in-game model. Base meshes for metalic parts of the Jailer were made by Leander Pokorny and detailed by me. I made the Wraith from scratch using concept sheets and screenshots of the game asset.




My small contribution to this awesome project. Bases were build from scratch based on ingame refs and joe mad’s amazing concepts. Had a blast working on these together with Hec and Leander.


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My first professional project as a freelancer and a truly fantastic IP so I’m really happy I could contribute to this project.
FleshBurster_MainComp FleshBurster_4sided_Comp
The Fleshburster. Completely built from scratch based on screenshots of Darksiders I.


Male Zombie (also known as Wicked). A couple of adjustments compared to teh agmes were necessary but overall there’s a close resemblance to the zombies you’ll find in Darksiders I.

The Sloth Minion. Difficult to pose due to it’s unusual anatomy but incredibly fun to polypaint.


This has been a great experience, being part of this team and more working on this amazing IP, by the same way I was responsible for this 3 pieces, all them build from scratch supported by the whole team, the concept art sheets and references extracted from the games.

Phantom General

Female Zombie.


Phantom Guard



Hec asked me to contribute to this project, and was honored to have been a part of it. Had great feedback along the way, and I’m definitely stoked to see it come together with everyone else’s killer work on display. Goreclaw_MainComp


Greats jobs guys !
How tall will the figures be when printed ?

Hi @GHocquet - the minis range from about 55mm for the horsemen, and around 100mm for the tallest, the jailer. Minions and humanoids are a bit smaller. They will be prepainted at different levels of detail, the horsemen and jailer will get the most detailed paintjobs. This board game will be part of the Nephilim Edition of Darksiders Genesis. Here’s some more images and info:

Darksiders Nephilim Edition

Here’s a pic of some pre-painted prototypes, these are still being worked on, but coming along great:



Amazing job!! congrats to the whole team!!

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Thanks @lupo_v we had a lotta fun with this one.

Great Pieces! Good Job :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: