Darksiders II - Death Lives ZBrush model and Teaser Trailer

Hey guys,

Here is some of our latest work from the Darksiders 2 Death Lives teaser trailer, created by Plastic Wax AnimationDarksiders II - Death Lives Teaser Trailer


The Death model and his weapons were created in ZBrush and he was also textured in ZBrush and Photoshop CS5

I have added more renders of his body and weapon :slight_smile:


want to see more of this detailed model, congrats for your work!

i’ve seen this trailer a while ago, and always wanted to see more of this model.
Can’t wait for it!

Awesome trailer! Looking forward to seeing more Death images. :sunglasses:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Amazing texture and shader!!He looks ultra real:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:
And yes, more images please!

looks like it´s going to be amazing, more images please.

great hearing you did the model for darksiders 2, very inspiring and motivating!:slight_smile:
just love the design of darksiders and the second part is just looking OUTRAGES - can’t wait to get the game.
Beautiful creature, character and envi art in it!:+1:
I like the teaser, but this guardian trailer is just totally sick:+1:

All the best,

  • Kenny :slight_smile:

Thanks Moga :slight_smile:

Thanks Julien3d!

Hells yeah Zber2!

HerbertLowis!!! Talk to you later today handsome, hope you are feeling better! btw “Did you eveeer knooow that youreee my herooo<3”

Gonso, many thanks mate

Thanks for the kind words Kenny! I’m glad you like the Darksiders 2 guardian trailer as well, was super fun to work on both of them :slight_smile:

thanks for the extra images! These are all awesome!!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Beautiful work. Love the lighting and texture details look great.

Really awesome! Can’t wait to see the full game!

Thank you, you handsome man!!

Thanks Brett <3

Thanks SolidSnakexxx !! You and me both can’t wait to play the full game :slight_smile:

Saved to inspiration folder! You guys really knocked it out the park. Can’t wait to play DarkSiders II now!

Thanks mate, nice to hear :slight_smile:

Wow! Awesome look & feel! May I ask what program was used for rendering? Is the DOF rendered or post? Looking very cinematic.


Great work, the material looks amazing, great work guys.