Darklight: Memento Mori - my miniatures project

Hello everyone,
I have been a member for quite some time, but haven’t posted any artwork yet, so there it goes :)…

These models are for a board game that my brother is designing. (www.darkicegames.com)
All the models were sculpted by me, apart from the serpent creature which was done by my mate (I just posed it and did some finishing touches).
Making these has been a lot of fun, and it’s still a learning process (I found it quite hard to guess how your digital sculpt details would translate into a real object of a small scale)

I will also attach photos of the 3d prints and the assembled resin casts, so you can see the process from start to finish

For anyone interested in 3d printing (particularly at this scale) the models were printed by www.pdmodels.co.uk , the guys there were brilliant to deal with, especially because they really understand about miniatures and how to get the best possible results. I have spent a fair amount time and money trying various printing places, so I thought it would be useful to others to share my findings.

Anyway, these are the images (and a few more to come), I hope you enjoy them :slight_smile:
C&C welcome!








here’s a couple more renders :slight_smile:

These are the 3d prints for all the parts.
The models were printed at 16 micron layers resolution, and were then hand finished and primed






The resin casts, cleaned up and assembled…

The remaining character… and some fun shots :slight_smile:

My personal army: :lol:

absolutely great pieces of work.love them all.especially the Black Knight & the Alternative one.TOP ROW in my opinion.waiting for your next works.;);):wink:

Thanks Diablo :slight_smile:
I will be starting on a new character quite soon!

Very nice work there. How do these compare to other miniature games so we can get a sense of scale here?

really nice sculpt,
Does the minis shown are 3d printed or casted ?
Also would you care to explain how you separate the differents parts of your model and what need to be thought about ?

Hey thats awesome! Your minis all look great!

That’s a really great job… keep up the work! The miniatures are looking really good!

Really nice works in there mate. I hope the project goes really well. keep up the good work. TOP ROW :wink:

Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments.

I have posted pictures of 3d prints and casts. The 3d prints are the ones just after the renders ant they are not assembled.
The casts are the assembled ones sitting on the wooden table.
For the process of splitting up into parts, this is what I do:
After completing the character’s body I turn it into a dynamesh and start slicing it into parts. For the shoulder sockets I use a sphere to subtract from the body, and the same sphere to fuse it to the arm, so that they should match.
From that point onwards its just a matter of remeshing, completing the sculpting on all parts, and adding all the accessories.
The trickiest things I found where getting the details bold enough so that they would be seen at a small scale (still learning this every time something new is printed), and making sure that the surfaces that need to be glued do actually match (at least close enough)
Oh, and you need to think of how the miniature would balance itself (i.e. can it stand up or will it fall?), but to be fair, you can cheat a bit with these because they get glued to their bases :slight_smile:

The scale is a bit taller than wharhammer minis, but the heads are similar size.
We wanted more “realistic” proportions, but at the same height of game workshops figures they looked really tiny :slight_smile:
See the image below, its compared also with another one (far left) from a new boardgame called Kingdom Death:


Excellent work man, thanks for sharing the pics and the info about your process. always interesting to hear the way people work, and to a successful workflow.

Super nice!!

What sort of 3D printer is it, resin?? looks too smooth to be FDM, unless you did a whole lotta sanding?

Thanks Convoke! The printer is (if I remember correctly) Projet 3000 HD, and I think it prints using some type of resin. (the models before priming were made of a transparent material)
You can probably find out more info on the link I posted at the top of my thread for the 3d printing company I used.

As far as I know the printer is pretty much top end, probably a very expensive toy I wish I had :slight_smile: - It prints up to 16 microns layers.
Models were also hand finished by the guys at the printing place to give them a smoother finish.

Hi everyone,

Can’t believe it has been almost 3 years since the last time I posted my work!
Last year I did a Kickstarter campaign with my brother and got the funds to manufacture our game, so I have been busy finishing off the remaining sculpts :slight_smile:

Please bear in mind that these are the actual 3D models that are sent over to produce the moulds for the miniatures, they are not pre-vis renders.
I am saying this because I had to exaggerate proportions and scale of details to facilitate injection moulding - remember that these are small figures, so be gentle with me!

What you see below are the figures for the core game. I will soon post renders of the figures that come with the expansions.
I hope you like them!

These are the 4 playing characters:




And these are the enemies:







More enemy characters…







Most excellent :):+1:

these are really great stuff