Dark Link November Personal project_Fun art

Hi Zbrush Central
My new work is here.
Fun art or Retrogasm :slight_smile:

Dark Link November Personal project

Links darkest dreams and realms are awakening.
Have to face it with his deepest fear. Himself. The dark link is awakened.
November is here.
Zelda II inspiration Dark link Personal Projekt
Inspired by the Nintendo game Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

Triforce philosophy.
Pls take a look, and enjoy it.




Cheers Rudolf :slight_smile:


A lot going here, a bit difficult to see it all with the same color though. I think your piece would have gain more weight by breaking down certain parts and sections with different shaders. None the less, great level of detail :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank Your view Jaime.Mean a lot.
Yes it is a bit complex,and need some shaders or poly paint.
It was a big fun to do it.
Im happy with it,and very good that zbrush central can enjoy this piece of my work.


:shushing_face: Maybe i make some changes :slight_smile:

it’s great and deserved toprow.
how much time did it take?

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Thank your Powerfull comment meaning a loot.
I think it was 3 weak Sculpt work.:expressionless:

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